10 second shot clock again

I think this is ground hog day again. Another painfully atrocious exhibition of basketball. Are those Catholic Priests performing exorcisms against BYU when they play these WCC bad teams? LOL. Patience is a virtue, patience is a virtue, patience is a virtue, is it over yet?

This is crazy… BYU struggling against the worst team in the league. A 2 point win…

What is the matter with this team? So impatient, every guy having to get his shot and be the man. There are 3 games left in the regular season and we are still asking questions…

I just hope they can make it to the celestial kingdom… errr, ncaa tournament.

Ugly, so ugly game :disappointed_relieved:

why does Kaufusi have that deer in the headlight look? Boy, he can change games with his body and reach but he sure makes some bone headed plays.

After a 1st half of “hot potato”, The entire team settled down in the second half and played some semblance of basketball. KC was a beast out there and he finally hit some FTs down the stretch. Emery and Fischer both came out in the 2nd and that made the difference.

You just don’t understand that San Diego has been watching other teams that have stopped the offense. The fact is we had few uncontested shots. They were in the passing lanes.
With that said, shots were still being forced up too much. Emery was being boxed and one. And, when we got into the lane we missed layups and short shots. 35% shooting was part forced shots and their defense.
I know you won’t see it that way because of your lower level coaching experience but that’s what happened.

Not really. They missed some easy shots and free throws. They weren’t working very hard on offense or defense. Neither was the rest of the team. KC took too many one on one shots. When he his that 3 early in the game I knew this was going to be a tough game.
Hopefully we were holding back because we play them Saturday.

and so have San Francisco and Santa Clara… remember what happened to them last week? That is such a silly argument and to say that I “don’t understand” is even sillier. Your comment has no bearing on what happened in the game. Seriously, why do you always feel the need to tear me down in order to make your points? and you have to do the same thing to Chris as well. I know for a fact he won’t answer you because he quit on that a long time ago.

It’s really juvenile and self serving… :worried:

Comments from a low level basketball mind. Yes, teams in our league have watched Rose’s teams for years and have devised defenses to confuse the players. SD defense was very good even though we missed layups and short shots again.

KC was the only reason BYU was even in the game in the first half. While Emery and Fischer were doing a complete disappearing act and throwing up terrible shots, KC was carrying the load. Did you see the first half? All of your “coaching experience” doesn’t seem to have done a thing for you currently.

I appreciate your comments, I was unable to watch the game, I guarantee I would have recognized a box and one. Sounds like SDU played some D. Finally BYU did also. The game is being carried as a re-run now on BYU TV. I thought I was going to get a T for yelling at the radio. I don’t know if I can watch the re-run. I was so frustrating to listen to.

Thanks again for making the point. Everyone who reads posts on cougarfan will see this and know the real truth. You saying it means it is nonsense. How can you talk about defenses to confuse BYU when they averaged over 100 points vs. USF and SC? Just because BYU had another letdown (missed layups and short shots by your own admission) doesn’t mean the SD defense was incredible. Your analysis of games and others points of view is getting worse…

You really don’t understand what happens on the court from game to game. One of the things SD did better than those two teams was they didn’t extend too far out. SF did which opened up some shots. We only ■■■■ 35% tonight.
Like I said SF would do is pressure and get into passing lanes. They did. We just hit our outside and inside shots. Tonight we didn’t. You’ll never get it…

Very hard to watch. Kaufusi totally out of sorts. Davis missed about 3 very easy layins. Fischer and Emery took some incredibly stupid, selfish shots. Thank goodness KC kept us close in the first half until Fischer and Emery finally made some shots. MY BIGGEST BEEF? Yes, the TERRIBLE, HORRIFIC Rec League referees!!! 47 fouls made the game almost unwatchable. Big Nose Nixon was at his finest, and the short guy with the latino name got in on the action too. I bet 20 of the 47 fouls were touch fouls off the ball, or bumps on a dribbler that did not affect possession or a shot. THESE REFS ARE A COMPLETE EMBARRASSMENT. They hate basketball. They are secretly soccer dads who want to kill basketball so all the kids will play soccer.

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Good thing Emery kept his record of making at least a 3 in every game going…Seriously though, is this team bi-polar? We start the game by getting almost all their starters with 2 fouls and then we spend the next 15 minutes bombing away from outside. Where is the killer instinct? If your shots aren’t falling, you have to go inside and draw fouls…especially…when the stripes are calling touch fouls.

The 2nd half, we did exactly that. Emery was especially effective at driving and finishing…and Fish is still pathetic when he passes in traffic.

BTW, I would take a out of sorts Kaufusi over any of our big men, anytime. He was a beast over the last 5 minutes of the game.

Kaufusi got a couple key boards at the end and messed up two other USD shot attempts in the paint. He is just so much more athletic than our other bigs. It’s hard to see him get those offensive fouls–on the second one he got hacked hard right across the forearm by the help man before Kaufusi elbowed their guy, but his move just looked so awkward that it was all the ref could see. He looks very unsure of himself in the post. But I love him anyway.

Another conspiracy. Basketball refs in the WCC want players to play soccer instead

His two fouls in the first one and a half minutes were so silly.

  1. Big guy coming all the way out past the free throw line to try and steal the ball, uses his arms to flail away at the player with the ball. Easy call.
  2. Working to get position after posting up so he can put a shot up, lowers his shoulder for no reason at all and knocks the defender backward. I didn’t see him get hacked first but maybe he did.

Both seemed like plays he would have made when he first started to learn and play the game a few years ago. It almost looked as if Rose had told him, “Korbin, go in there and get two quick fouls so I can somehow use it to our advantage and complain to the refs”. That was how obviously bad it looked. He really has an innocent, very raw look about him, like he is so eager to learn and be the best he can. I think that is why we want to see him in there all the time.

Finally we got you to buy into a conspiracy in big $ college sports.

Hey, Plaistad was a total spas for a long time too, and turned into a really, really good player. Let’s hope for the same.