11 police officers shot in Dallas

This is what happens when liberal media and pundits like Jesse Jerkson react wrong to bad situations. 4 officers so far have died.
Also, this over shadows the deaths of the two blacks this past week and this takes away from that situation.

Unreal what is going on in society today…

All orchestrated by Obama. Race relations are at a new low.

Tragic, sad and disappointing!

Watching the event on TV shows all the Black Lives Matter group and others running from the shooter while the police are running and driving towards the shooter. Had they not of gone into the fire, I saw a lot of white people in the crowd that would have been shot. As it was, 2 civilians were shot. When are liberals and John F. Kennedy Democrats going to realize anything Obama praises is Marxist, radicals and racists. Yes, the protesters were peaceful at the time of the shooting. But, their message simply causes nut cases to explode. What will those people do when they can’t get any police to come and protect them?

Somebody needs to hold the media accountable for their involvement. The way events are reported, the misrepresentation of facts, the stirring up of the general public that creates hatred and anger is intolerable. They distort reality and push an agenda that creates friction, animosity and unfortunately, lots of interest. Are they not driven by ratings and the love of money?

Why are news agencies never held accountable for anything they say or do?

They think they hay total freedom of press.

I think it’s called the 1st Amendment… I could be wrong. I wish the public would just not watch the media that pushes hatred.

The media has been inflaming racial tensions for years and it was largely white liberals who were to blame. Falsely reporting stories and leaving out important details in the shootings of black men by police officers, reporting that black men are disproportionately targeted by police while ignoring the statistical fact that blacks commit more violent crimes than whites and Hispanics combined and ignoring black on black crime and focusing on the police. It has been going on for a number of decades now. If you have been around a few years you may remember the Rodney King incident where he was beaten by police officers and it was caught on video but a local TV station edited the video taking out everything King had been doing prior to being beaten and subdued. The officers were not convicted at trial and the black community went berserk causing serious injury to many and destroying businesses. We are seeing the same thing today. The problem is we now have a president who is a radical leftist from in the Saul Alinsky anarchist mold who does very little to discourage racial tensions. Racial relations haven’t been this bad since the sixties. He attended a church whose pastor was a black radical hater of America.

After the murder of the Dallas police officers (lets call it what it is) he makes a fairly nice speech until he ends it by making a comment about guns again suggesting that guns are the problem and not keeping the focus on evil individuals committing the crimes. It is classic pinheaded liberal thinking that you can perfect society by changing the environment rather than changing the hearts of people and rooting out evil. Electing him once was a mistake, Electing him twice was foolish and incomprehensible to any rational person.

The problem is that when men turn their back on God they need something they can rely on. Many make government their God hoping all kinds of laws and programs can create the perfect environment for a Utopian society. The problem is that fallen men are incapable of creating a perfect environment and man is “carnal, sensual, and devilish” until he is born again. The perfect society will be a theocracy established by Christ in his millennial reign. It is ironic that wrong headed liberals keep saying Christians want to establish a theocracy to force their morals on everybody else, but it will be a theocracy that will create the perfect society. Of course that theocracy will be ruled by the perfect Son of God.

What kind of fool would interject himself into local politics over a stupid minor issue like transgender bathroom rights when so many other things deserve his attention. I will tell you it may appear foolish but it isn’t. I believe everything he does is calculated with a purpose and it is often to divide and conquer. The problem is America deserves him based on moral corruption.

I agree with what you say. Obama is a radical. And people complain about Trump. Conservatives and the Republicans should not be listening and following radical liberals, but they do.

The reason Christ’s theocracy will work is because the people will freely accept his doctrine. The people will be one with God and Satan will be bound.

I think the left deserve what they get. I don’t think the rest of America deserves Obama and the problems.

I agree with both of you. I have been saying this same thing for years now. I was telling people this before Obama’s re-election. What is going on today is no surprise to me nor is it to a lot of people. The problem is that too many don’t see him for what he is. This country is in a sad state of affairs and he is content with all of it.

The anti-Christ

Agree. You guys are all spot on, as usual.