2 games losses because of missed field goals

Had we made that short field goal, we would have had a chance to kick another for the win. Yes, our run defense is bad. Yes, the play calling in the redzone is pathetic. By the way, Romney looked good. Nice touch.

Woulda, coulda, shoulda a favorite mantra by poor teams and their fans. Good to great teams have no need for woulda, coulda, shoulda.

The players are good but not prepared enough.

Exactly-field goals missed, poor defense, penalties, intercepts, dominating stats are all a part of football and you are absolutely right-all excuses. Mike Leach said in a recent loss-our linemen are fat and lazy😄

So, what is the reasons for the two losses? Missed field goals, interceptions (not today), poor play calling and poor defensive plan.

Collective grouping. This game-poor defensive adjustments that allowed USF to get back in the game. Botched snap that gave USF a short field-easy field goal miss. Injuries to OL and Hall, though Romney filled in well, but no run threat that you have with Hall. Questionable play calling at times. Same things that basically plague the Cougars every game. Maybe the defense just isn’t good, but they play well at times. Maybe they could be in better shape. Seems the same every game

Seems like the defense doesn’t make the adjustments after halftime that all teams have made on us. Other teams seem to know what our plays are going to be inside the redzone. They shoot gaps to stop our runs and put pressure on our QBs. We do it about once a game.
I’m just confused on why we can’t score touchdowns even when inside the 5 yardline. Why we don’t block well and why we don’t come up with more creative plays. Instead, we try and end around and they were shooting the gaps. How about a pass with the back or end. Also, why three lobs to the corners on the last drive? No tight ends crossing to the middle? No screens to the backs? We had 439 yards. Do something different in the redzone.

If you look at all the games played today, all of the losing coaches and players had much the same excuses. We lost because of this and that and that and this and this and that. Same with the pros tomorrow. It is different if those excuses are for one or perhaps two games but we BYU fans here those same excuses game after game and year and year after year. Our team is a mediocre team and the Y football program is a mediocre program. It is very sad but oh so true.

So, who are you going to get to replace Sitaki? It’s easier to get better assistants. And, yes. The final score is the sum of all plays. So, it’s okay to analyze and realize what would have given BYU the win. As was last week, with the play calling being our week spot, the field goals were definately makeable. The kicker has to make the ones he should.

So keep Sitake and continue mediocrity. There is no such thing as “should.” That is only a make believe word invented to soothe wounded feelings. There is only what happened. And what has happened over the past 90 or so games is only average or below average. Continue that or get off the dime and do something different. But nothing will be done until the end of this season, if then.

Who do we get? Is there someone out there that has D-1 experience that can qualify for the job?