2016 schedule, wins and losses

Saturday, Sept. 3: vs. Arizona (at University of Phoenix Stadium, Glendale, Arizona)

Saturday, Sept. 10: at Utah

Saturday, Sept. 17: vs. UCLA (home opener)

Saturday, Sept. 24: vs. West Virginia (at FedEx Field, Landover, Maryland)

Friday, Sept. 30: vs. Toledo

Saturday, Oct. 8: at Michigan State

Friday, Oct. 14: vs. Mississippi State

Thursday, Oct. 20: at Boise State

Saturday, Nov. 5: at Cincinnati

Saturday, Nov. 12: vs. Southern Utah

Saturday, Nov. 19: vs. UMass

Saturday, Nov. 26: vs. Utah State

At this point, MSU is a loss for me. I have to think about all the others.

12 - 0 all the way!!!

Very challenging schedule, I want to know who is and isn’t there. There is a particular center that isn’t there right now. An all American type player. I don’t think we will know for sure until August if Tasom is a go. I have high hopes but but my thoghts are reserved until I know as many facts as possible. We could loose people to unjuries and even pick up a person or two who could be key.

I love your enthusiasm. I too am extremely hyped over the coaching staff change and with the experience on our team.
I wish we had more experience on both the OL and the DL but I am really hyped about all the skill positions.

I am a bit more cautious with my predictions. Below is how I see the season unfolding:

BYU beats Arizona

Toss up by 1-3 points going either way @ Utah.
Toss up again by 1-3 points going either way vs. UCLA.
Toss up by 1-3 points going either way vs. W. Va.

BYU beats Toledo, but not by as many points as most of us would expect.

Mich St beats BYU by 10.

Miss State falls to BYU by 7-10 pts.
BYU @ Boise State pulls of a close win in the last 3 minutes of the game.
BYU beats Cinn.
BYU kills S. Utah.
BYU beats U. Mass.
BYU kills Utah St.

Season ending for BYU: 9-3