2019-2020 Team?

I know we only lose Cannon and Luke to graduation.

Haws, Emery, Childs, GBax, Seljaas etc, could all be back. I know there will be some mission comings and goings.

With Childs, I have a source that says he is contemplating moving on from BYU and playing professionally elsewhere after this season.

Good grief! I think anyone would say that. He’s graduating. However, he should stick around and get a second minor. Be more prepared because he reminds me of Davies. Can make an NBA team for awhile but doesn’t have the shooting game down against bigger and faster players. He’s also lazy when he gets beat or defended well. He really needs one more year of college ball. It isn’t going to hurt him financially.

Does Yo Yo want to play for BYU next year and compete for 2nd place and play a game in the NIT? Or go start making $$ somewhere?

But like Mika, Childs has little to accomplish at BYU. He wants a career of basketball, not whatever he’s majoring in. And regarding the Mike connection, Childs has always looked up to him, even including his decision to get baptized in 2016.

Childs had been attending LDS church services and reading the Book of Mormon, but a major catalyst for Childs’ decision was teammate Eric Mika. From an old article:

“It was actually Eric that got me meeting with the missionaries, so we’ve built a pretty close relationship through that stuff,” Childs said.

Mika returned from his LDS mission to Italy last April and met Childs soon after. He learned of Childs’ history with the LDS church growing up in Utah and dating a LDS girl.

He definitely should stay for another year at BYU and get more grounded in the Church. That will help him the most.
As far as the $$, another year won’t hurt him. It didn’t hurt Tyler Haws to stay. It didn’t hurt Jimmer. It’s not going to hurt TJ either. Remember, Childs didn’t go on a mission and is younger than Mika as a Junior. Childs won’t lose time but will gain more experience and new moves and shots staying where he is one more year.

Childs would have been gone last year if he had outside shot. Rose does not use him to develop a NBA product. If you look at the NBA game today, there is virtually no dumping the ball down low. Its all high pick and roll. Childs would do well in Europe so really the only that could keep him here would be the prospects of winning a WCC title with the emergence of Bax.

As far as the team goes, Jesse Wade is a lights out shooter who I have my doubts about defending (Mr BBall). This new sighee, Miller out of Vegas, another guard (will RS this next year) who can defend, very athletic, shoot from anywhere. So far I don’t see any help on Defense in terms of Athlete unless this kid from Wasatch Academy. De Silva, the Brazilian. Li, 6’10 China, learning the game to put it mildly, so new to it that he can’t look up when he has the ball. still an improvement on Worthington but family is not rich so I guess he’ll have to earn playing time the ol fashion way.

Hardnett just announced he’s transferring.

I think it is time for Rose to “transfer” to retirement…

There is no logical reason BYU basketball should be this bad… NONE!

I believe the players have lost faith in Rose. (My opinion only).

Why don’t you ask some of the players?

Lol you can see them leaving as soon as they can. You said maybe Judkins could get BYU back to where they compete like the women. For you it’s like your right hand can’t keep track of your left😏

The Judkins thing was just a joke.
As far as how he got his players to win, you forget how Rose got his players to win games they were losing and one game was against SD. No, the game Saturday wasn’t lost because of Rose. We just have players that disappear in big games. That’s why Childs should play one more year at BYU.

I don’t want Dave Rose to transfer to BYU Women’s Basketball Team but Jeff Judkins should transfer to Men’s Team. What do you think? :smile:

You admit it that Jeff Judkins should take over the men’s basketball team and Jim read that too.

Having reading and comprehension problems?

Having memory problem of what you said yesterday? You said Jeff Judkins should take over BYU Men’s Basketball Program.

And I said that was a joke. Having some learning challenges?