2019 Successful Season

I never thought I’d get to this point. But it destroys me so much to constantly lose to Utah, that these are my 3 keys to success this year.

  1. Beat Utah
  2. Beat Utah
  3. Beat Utah

If we do any of these three, it will be a glorious season. Even if we go 1-11.

I feel you brother. This has to be the year

I also feel that way. I believe the players are ready to come out motivated and aggressive enough to beat Utah. My only concern is with the coaches. Are the coaches ready? Will they tether the offence if BYU gets ahead in scoring; will they back off on defense because they worry about injuries or questionable calls by the referees? Everyone involved with the team needs to feel that urgency and be “all in for the win.” Go Cougars!

Losing to Utah last year after being up 20-0 was pure pain.

Yes, it will be interesting to see what happens with the offense this year. I like the idea of Wilson having a good year, but I’m not sure it will be different than what we’ve gotten used to. We’ve had so many QB’s that have prospered against weak competition but then do nothing against the big boys. To be fair to them, of course it hurts that our WR’s can’t get open, OL can’t block, etc. Like the 27-0 loss to LSU a few years ago.

It takes a special QB to elevate a mediocre team to a big win against a great team like Utah will be this year. Max Hall did it. Ty Detmer did it a few times. But so many like Mangum, Walsh, Feterik, etc, have had the same result. Look great against crummy teams but do nothing against strong defenses.

One guy to keep an eye on this year is J Hall, QB. He looked great in the Spring. If Wilson gets hurt or is ineffective, Hall should be the guy.

Utah may be the best of the P5 teams we face this year, just sayin. Washington is breaking in a new QB, Tenn is mediocre in the SEC and USC is starting a new QB.
Go Cougs.



“I feel you brother. This has to be the year” quote:

Eating and drinking a lot of sugar before a game, gives a quick joint of confidence until the sugar crash . Once the crash comes, the confidence drops lower than before taking that sugar rush.

Our expectations of what might be, in August, before the first game vs. Utah, is like
that sugar rush right now. The only way to not crash, is to win that first game vs the Utes. If we can win that game, it will be like drinking more sugar to go into
Tennessee. There will be no drop off and our chances for a second win, with all of that sugar rush will add energy to the charge.

Will we crash in Tenneesee or will we just keep that influx of more and more sugar. If we don’t let down and let that rush do it’s job, we will be ready for USC when they come to Provo.

Keep drinking that sugar Cougars, for the Huskies are coming to town. Drink,
drink, drink, and don’t put that bottle down, for those Huskies are coming to town.

Toledo, USF, and Boise State; For those teams to start on the Pep drink that we have had from this 2019 start, their start will have come too late.

So, Keep drinking that sugar water my Cougars, for those from Toledo, USF and Boise State, started drinking their drinks too late.

Utah State, Idaho State and UMASS, will be mixed into our sugar solution that will give us that perfect season going against SDS before finishing our sugar sweet season at the Aloha Bowl in Hawaii.

Thank you Zack Wilson and team for scoring on every position. Thank you defense for keeping the ball in the hands of our offense.

After that Christmas Eve game in Honolulu, Cougars, and coaches too, ever so gradually, start to wing yourself off that sugar, you may need the patch, but get yourself healthy and ready for our next Spring Practice in 2020, but for now, don’t worry about that.


Craig_Larimer —BYUcanpass”Quotes

1.) “We’ve had so many QB’s that have prospered against weak competition but then do nothing
against the big boys.”

2.) “WR’s can’t get open, OL can’t block,”

3.) “It takes a special QB to elevate a mediocre team to a big win against a great team like Utah will be
this year”.

*1 We’ve also had our days vs, Oklahoma, Texas, Texas, and Texas, UCLA AND WISCONSIN all in
recent times.

With the old coaching staff, we also had Quarterbacks that were forced into 
    systems that were not of their expertise.  (We lost too much of their
    true value, by not using their strengths). 
    This new group of coaches plays to our quarterback's strengths.

   The old coaching staff brained washed played into believing that 
    star power has no value.   
   The current group of coaches appreciates the star power and 
     builds upon it.

Our old coaching staff was full of (not so cute) slogans.  
    This coaching staff spends time teaching and planning 
     for the next game.

*2 I agree that this has happened in the past with the old coaching staff. I really believe that our HC
and Grimes and all the other coaches on the OF side of the ball will make sure that this does not
happen this season. The first game this season will tell us if I am right or wrong. The O- line will
be strong. Our receivers will be ready and open.

*3 I agree. I also feel that playing to the QB strength is a big part of the success and coaching is
another giant factor.
I am very happy with our current staff. I am patient as we learn to play vs. the Big Boys.

"Everyone involved with the team needs to feel that urgency and be “all in for the win.”

I totally agree. There can be no let-down, if we are to be successful this September weather the game is played in Provo, Tennessee, or Toledo.

We can’t get cocky. We can’t go astray. We can’t dog a practice, (Players or coaches), and we can’t take any team for granted. We must always be alert and ready.

I have a lot of angst about this Utah game. Seems to me that there have been more hype this year, by far, about beating Utah. And we may do that but what happens to the BYU if they don’t pull it off? It kind of sets the tone for the rest of the season.

Saying that this is the most important game of Sitake’s entire coaching life and that if defines his future is a bad set up in my opinion. If you fail, what does it say going into play with Tenn, USC and Wash games?

I just don’t like it win or lose. Being older, you get used to hype and how to categorize it but young minds seem to “Lock in” and somehow connect it to how they feel about themselves. Its just a game…so treat it that way.

A win could put BYU on track to have that special season but don’t let a loss define who you are. Utah is good, Defensively, great but they also have weaknesses. I hope around midnight tomorrow night, we are feelin like Utah did after they came back from the dead last year in our game.

It sounds like with all the interviews on BYU Sports Nation with coaches and players they aren’t setting themselves up for failure if we lose. But, we are not practicing to lose either.
The reason for the hype is Utah is the first game and everyone just wants to start playing and win.

As am I, Love Grimes. Playing with the big boys is all to do with speed at key positions, something that BYU has not kept up with. Watch the end of the Utah game last year when speed popped those big plays to give BYU the loss.

I love our team. I think Wilson has all the tools to be an NFL starter and that is why I think BYU can have a special year this year. But I also know that Utah has a defense that can keep up with Bama or Clemson. Utah also has a head coach that burns through Offensive Coordinators yearly and refuses to open up his offenses and cherry picks his recruits for defense so his offenses tend to struggle and get beat by good P5 teams.

BYU has its weaknesses, some glaring, such as speed in DBs and speed at receiver. Pass rushing and putting pressure on the QB were non existent last year so what have we done to change these issues in 2019?

BYU is ranked 50 by national media. Are they wrong? I count 6 teams better in that ranking and a SDSU ranked #56. The saving grace is that
Utah, USC, Wash., and BSU all come to town and that will win us a few games right there.

Go Cougs.

But it is not the year we beat Utah. 9 years of UTAH in PAC-12 play, which team is better? I don’t think it is BYU.maybe BYU ought to reconsider the MWC or the AAC.

The coaches are ready. The players are ready. I am looking for a great season in 2019.

2019 will be memorable, either because of our success or because of our lack of success, but one way or another, this will be a memorable season. I am betting that it will be memorable because of the way we played against Utah, Tennessee, USC , Washington and Boise State.

Grimes was a great hire. Satake is doing a good job as is all the other coaches that we now have. Go Cougars.


We don’t give up because trying to improve is too hard.

We work harder, because what we want is too hard to stop working harder.

I love you work Greg. Your report from 8/28 has an update as of 9/8/19

Update week 3 by Ron Uharriet

Greg Wrubell (gregwrubell) Love ya Greg and all of your work.

BYU: 50———————————————————-55

BYU’s FBS opponents—

-----------------------------------------------AP-----------------Other 1-130

v. Utah 18———————————11

at Tennessee 26————————102

v. USC 28———————————24

v. Washington 15————————23

at Toledo 78—————————— ——————— 96

at USF 76——————————————————-103

v. Boise State 24————————22

at Utah State 43————————————————52

v. Liberty 110 —————————————————123

at UMass 125————————————————— 127

at San Diego State 56——————————————74



1:29 PM - 28 Aug 2019 7

Tough schedule! USC is next and that’s all that matters today :slight_smile: