25% shooting and no defense

How can we go into a game not prepared emotionally to shoot better than 25%? 50% free throws. Missing layups and 0-6 3 point shots that aren’t close to going in.
Then, there is the defenseless defense. Players not knowing where they should be on the court. What has the team been doing all week?
You can blame the format but this is more than that. This is stage fright.

Maybe Luke is coaching the team this week while Dave Rose taking a break? That makes sense. Go figure. Yeah, we only played 1 game after losing to GU which was on Feb 23rd - that is 14 days with only 1 game. And SD played 4 games with 2 games in a row with all the warm up in this Oreleans Arena. Chris is right that SD took advantage of it and we are a bad team! No NIT!
And now Yoeli is going pro (not nba) after tonight game. Dave Rose need to call it quit.

LOL BYU shooting 7-14 ft-SD 11-12-scratch the ref theory

Fire rose now and retool

Won’t happen. Haws Senior season. The question is does Childs want to leave with this taste in his mouth? We have a couple of good guards coming in as well. See what happens.