2nd try, BYU news and more

Wilson gets his first win as a Jet. 288 yds and 2 TDs
Zach Wilson led New York Jets to win over Tennessee Titans - Sports Illustrated New York Jets News, Analysis and More

Tysom Hill gets not one, but two 8 yd TDs in the Giant’s loss. Breaks a half dozen tackles along the way.
Taysom Hill just ran over the entire Giants defense for a touchdown (msn.com)

Hall, Romney or Conover vs. BSU?
Kalani Sitake updated the media on BYUs QB injuries… and we still dont know much (247sports.com)

Tom has an insider says Hall. My insider has covid.

I looked over the previous first 5 games odds,
BYU over Az 70%
Utah over BYU 59%
BYU over ASU 64%
BYU over USF 93%
BYU over USU 74%

BYU over BSU 65%, LES
Baylor over BYU 64% at Baylor.

Now, what to do with our timid 3rd down Dfense? We were GASSED in the USF game because of “rush 3” and it didn’t matter if it was 3rd and 5, 10 or 20. USF was automatic. Come on Tuiaki!

Go Cougs