3 bad calls already

The officials are in the bag for Utah

Scott! Scott! I think Jim Hawks is using your account… :wink:

I’ve only seen since the beginning of the 2nd quarter. The offense looks really bad.

The offense was the best offense for Utah in the first quarter. The first quarter was a joke. Anae, Mangum and the officials gave this game to Utah.

Well, they are making a coming back now. Cut the lead to only 3 TDs now.

LOL! Actually, if we could start over and not run dumb plays and running backs that didn’t run all year, we would win this game.

The lead has been cut to 2 TDs. Just over 10 minutes left. I can be done. :slight_smile:

They may not have enough time. Down to 1 TD, but about 3.5 minutes left.

Well, refs doing there best to help Utah. Should have been a touch back.

Wouldn’t have mattered. Defense tired out

Not using his account, just sitting in the same room with him.

Didn’t really understand some key calls early in the game…

  1. Blackmon was interfered with big time on the first pick six.
  2. The ball never crossed the plane of the goal line… the utah rb was sitting on his rear end upright and never crossed the plane.
  3. The fumble pile was cleared and the BYU player had the ball. Why did utah get it?
  4. Blackmon being tackled in the end zone and no PI call.

The bowl management people obviously talked to the refs about it because the calls were more balanced the rest of the way. That is why BYU was able to come back… because Utah’s offense was terrible and they didn’t have the refs helping them like they did in the first quarter.

Agree that refs really helped Utah early and more balance later but still some shaky calls in the second half.

Were these clowns WCC basketball refs?

They could have been mwc refs being as the game was in vegas. The mwc will forever try and screw BYU…

yep, five turnovers, 2 pic six and two fumbles directly tied to magnum and yet BYU fans blame the officials.

some things are as predictable as the sun rising in the morning.

The pick 6 and one of the fumbles was going for touchdowns. But, the other two were assisted along by bad calls. Had we stopped them on two of the 5 we had a real chance to win. You know I don’t bag on officials like Jim does. But those 3 were as bad as they get.

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The season is over with and on with Basketball. Well, you know selfish Chase Fitcher. I just don’t want to think about next football season which is going to be long wait. Just enjoy mens bb, mens volleyball, rugby, and maybe baseball.

Yes, he shoots because he is selfish :-/~
KC hogs the ball because he is selfish :-/~
Bronco is money grubbing selfish :-/~
Obama is a fascist :-/~ well that is true.

Come on Floyd… if you can’t admit or see the reality of some of what was going on then your perspective is as bad or worse than anyone elses.

Was Blackmon not interfered with on the pick six? He never had the opportunity to catch the ball as the defender had him wrapped up with his arms at his side and tackling him when the ball popped up off him. Also, on the bad touchdown call, did you ever see the utah player break the plane of the goal line? They showed it like 5 or 6 times and it was the same every time… the guy sitting on his butt just short of the goal line and the ball never crossing the plane. Nobody would be talking about the officiating if it weren’t so bad in the first five minutes of the game. After that it was fine, but Utah didn’t need their help to start.

Yeah, BYU made some bone head plays early in the game but so did the refs and that gave Utah ALL of the momentum they needed, because the Utes absolutely sucked the rest of the way.

Edit - Utah committed a terrible PI in the end zone that drew no flag, yet the PI on Hanneman that kept one of Utah’s drives going and the clock running was ridiculous. The officials were not consistent or accurate in a lot of their calls. If you can’t admit it or recognize it, then you are just as bad.

Were those refs from the mwc?

I re-watched the first quarter of the game in Slowmo…

  1. First interception - from the TV angle I had, It could have gone either way… The contact was either slightly before the ball got there are just as the ball got there, I could not tell if the arm of Porter was actually touching Blackmon… I wish I had the TV angle from the opposite side of the field, that would have given a better view of the play… But I can see where you think it was a PI, so I might give you that…

  2. The other Pic 6 and fumbles was all on Mangum… No bad calls, just bad decisions from the BYU team… Did you notice that when BYU started to move the ball, our center Kormoa single handed killed the momentum by causing a personal foul in front of the official? He has done this more times than I can count this year… No discipline…

3.Goal line play for Utah… It was unclear where the ball was at the time his butt hit the ground, it looked from the TV angle that the ball was across the front of the white goal line (which means he broke the plain). So the official had to determine where the ball location was at the time his butt was on the ground… It not where the body is that determines the position… but where the ball is at the time of the contact with the ground. But if you are going to get upset about that Jim, then You need to minus one TD called for BYU, because it was very unclear from the TV angles that Mangum had broke the plain of the goal line on his TD run later in the game. Again was the ball across the line before his knee hit the ground? Apparently the official thought so. So if you are going to nit pick Utah TD call, you need to be consistent and do the same thing with BYU plays.

  1. The officials were from the Mid Atlantic Conference, not the MWC… But I was ok with most of their play calling, although I don’t think they were the best ones the Vegas bowl could get… I would loved to have the Big 12 do the game…

  2. You can do your normal biased official rant… but it is not what caused the catastrophe in the first quarter… They did not give “momentum” to Utah, BYU made stupid decisions, and to be quite Frank, Bronco “under prepared” these players for the game… IF you do not believe me, go look up what Terrance Houk said about the practices before the game… He was not very complimentary of the six coaches leaving BYU… In fact, he said it was the seniors during the game that went to players and told them they needed to get their head screwed on right… after that, BYU played the way they have all year… and almost pulled It out in spite of the coaching issues.

I don’t often agree with you but this time I do. The challenge with the coaches is they did prepare well for the game. But it continues to be the pre-game prep that continues to hurt our teams. Basketball too. While we needed Bronco to stick around, the other coaches, including Anae,!played this game from the beginning without much effort and enthusiasm. As Houk said, not until after the seniors got pissed.