30 out of 257,000 deaths

Out of 257,000 children who have tested positive for COVID19, 30 have died. Thats from the CDC. That’s one one-hundredth of 1%. Far less than the normal flu season of 6 months. Get the kids back in school! If teachers are worrying about it, do whatever to protect them. Or, go on a sabbatical.

Now how many people who are older and have other health issues thT have died from coming in contact with those children?

That is the important number!

If I am correct, 16

None! Next question

How come Democrats never have facts to back themselves up?

What documentation, email or research do you have to back up your claim of none?

Can you share where ythat number? number? Thanks.

Out of his hat! Floyd, children are mostly immune from the virus and/or detrimental affects…

My big question is how can we get reliable results? I know two guys who work in a lab that prepares samples that are tested. They sent in two samples that had nothing in them and they both came back positive. Then there were two other people who signed a sheet to get tested at a testing center, after waiting in line for a while they got tired of waiting and left with out getting tested. They both received positive test results from the testing center.

Not surprising.

U of U grads?


The whole situation is rife with misinformation and dishonesty. How can anyone trust the CDC, the WHO or any other government related organization? Honestly, the level of trust and belief that people have in our government has to be at an all time low.

Does anyone on this site trust our government?

NO!!! Not the feds, nor states, nor counties, nor cities.

So, why would anyone vote for candidates that seek to increase the power and authority over the people they are to serve? You can’t say both parties when you read the things each want to do. Obama just said there is no difference between Biden and Bernie. They want top down authoritarian socialism. Trump lowered taxes and regulations and wants to do more.

There are liberal Rhinos in the Republican Party like Romney. But mostly the Republicans have put in like 250 Conservative judges.

Unfortunately all politicians are part of the Ruling Class. They are all dishonest to some degree and they justify this dishonesty in some way. The worst part of the equation is the news media who no longer report the news, they simply twist and lie in order to promote an agenda.

This country is an a bad way right now, even though I still believe the majority of people are good and want to do what is right. The level of right is pretty low unfortunately.

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I don’t think all the politicians are corrupt. There are conservatives and not part of the problem. But, there are the Romney’s.

Here in Utah, the number is 50,000 positive cases of Covid, 401 deaths

How is that a pandemic?

It’s all political… it’s nit a pandemic.

The stats are nice, but not what I asked for:
How many of the confirmed cases of Covid-19 of older people was caused because they came into contact with children who had Covid-19 or Asymptomatic?

My point is simple: When a child get Covid-19 and shows little to no affects of the virus, it is true they seem to be able to weather that storm easier. As with the flu, when one member of the family catches the flu, it is pretty certain that the rest (parents or Grandparents) will be exposed and catch themselves.

Scott keeps touting that the virus does not kill the kids, and most of them weather having it better. The question again is how many senior citizen confirmed cases came from their exposure to the children?
Definition of pandemic:

an outbreak of a disease that occurs over a wide geographic area and affects an exceptionally high proportion of the population : a pandemic outbreak of a disease.

I guess if you understand medical viruses better, you would understand why the majority of health officials concur that this is a pandemic.

I think Utah is lower because we did some things early that prevent high cases.

yeah, I worry about that too. But just the same, 400 deaths to 50,000 cases is hardly a pandemic. More like a election year overblown political show. Biden’s hopes are tied to Covid and Race and now that race, rioting and violence has backfired on Biden, he is left to hope that Covid will resurface and blow up in Trumps face. What a pathetic way to run a campaign.