510 total yards!

It’s been a long time since having 500 yards. However, we have something in the coaching on the offense that pops up occasionally. Algeria makes a great run to the half yardline only to throw a pass? That wasn’t Mangum’s fault. Not throwing it away was.

What was the final score?

I don’t really care that much and that is not good. I have to find a reason to care or look for some motivation and I have none.

45 - 10. Should have 52 - 10

Kotoa was finally healthy and scored for rushing TD’s. Hadley had two TD’s

Another slow start (which will kill them against Utah), but Wilson is looking better at times, but the coaches pulled him in the fourth quarter because the team stopped moving the ball, they put in Tanner, which I think they did more for the fact this is the last home game, rather than being all on Wilson (just my opinion).

There was no reason to leave Wilson in since the score was 38-10 in the fourth quarter and there was no way NMSU was coming back. That call for a pass play with the ball first and goal at the 1 yard line was a curious call. Allegrei made a 44 yard run to the 1 one. Why not let him carry it in for the TD. As far as I know he has never scored a TD. He did all the work to get them to the one and then they call for a pass. Maybe the coaches wanted Tanner to get one more TD pass in his last home game. Otherwise I have no idea why they made that play call.

I just read somewhere that Wilson was have trouble moving the team… can’t remember where I heard it…

But your explanation makes sense…

Floyd, the coaches didn’t pull Wilson because he wasn’t moving the ball! Where did you get that info? Sitaki said in his post game KSL comments that he had a discussion with Wilson and Mangum that if the game score allowed it, that he hoped to insert Tanner into the game in the 4th quarter. This was a move planned before the game started.

Where did you get the idea Wilson was pulled for not producing? 38-10. Game was over and it was Senior day and all seniors got in the game at some point. Glad Tanner got to play. Did good except for that interception. But, that ball should never have been passed. Should have been run from the half yard line. But, the coaches didn’t want to run up the score so they had Tanner pass :slight_smile:

They didn’t want to run up the score and knew he’d throw an interception :astonished: