A cry for full committment to BYU Sports from our Decision Makers

BYU Fans can be given, or sold, shirts that read, “Fully Invested. Coaches can demand that their athletes be “Fully Invested”. but if the decision makers at the
University are not “fully invested”, what good do the shirts really do?

If football is still looked at, as not that all important, than why do we spend our hard earned money, and time, watching this unimportant brand of football while other teams, are admittedly, more important?

When we fans hear, “ they draw near to me with their words, but their hearts are far from me”. does that make us question the commitment of our leadership to the BYU Cougar Programs? (Football and Basketball )

God, Church, Family, Education, Fireside Chats, and Sports, should all be working together as one, for a well rounded community, not in competition with each other for dominance.

We can figure out without being told, that if dominance is the goal, with a need to put sports down, God wins every time, and the above said pecking order is
validified but we don’t need to be told that.

Instead of looking for reasons not to achieve, (Honor Code, No Sunday Play, Academics, Prejudice etc,) look for unifying reasons to succeed.

Like other major Universities that have strict team rules, (Honor code), high academic standards, and unique to their own schools, set of standards which may be different from others, let us not limit ourselves to to the coaches that will coach for less.

Instead of seeking coach from FCS schools and some from Mid Major Schools,
with a token amount from P5 schools, gaining experience for a higher position, that are on their way up, let’s start paying a competitive stipend for proven accomplished coaches from P5 schools that will be able to coach in the areas of their proven expertise.

Yes, we have had a National Championship back in 1984. Yes we have had a Heisman Trophy Winner back in 1991. Yes, we have had a Doak Walker Award Winner, under Gary Crowton. Yes, we have had a Miracle Bowl vs SMU with Jim MacMann as QB. Yes, we played in a Cotten Bowl and won it vs Kansas State, but all of that was when our decision makers were fully committed and football was important. What have you done for us lately decision makers?

We need to be less judgmental, more inclusive, and easier to get along with.
We need to be more humble, and grateful for opportunities instead of communicating that we deserve every opportunity because of who we are and what we use to be.

I love you BYU. Be all that you can be. Start seeing Sports as an important part of our overall development and well being.

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What you are calling for is more than the “decision makers” can do.

It requires more money dedicated to paying for Head Coaches, Sitake was not the best coach, but the best coach for the money that BYU had to offer.
Ken Niumatalolo could have come, would have made basically the same as Sitake, He was underpaid for years at Navy. He has sacrificed monetarily for bigger causes. But the money for the assistants…major problem.

I totally agree with you as far as things stand today. I am hoping for a change in some of our priorities.

Harold, today, 4/3/18 just 11 days since our conversation on hiring better coaches, ESPN’s 960, Ryan Teeples.
clarified what we are talking about. I cut and past for your consideration:

"Posted on April 3, 2018Those close to the program will tell you BYU’s performance issues the last two years have been heavily influenced by inexperienced and unqualified coaching at the position level.

BYU spent a lot of money in 2015 on its head coach. But the money never trickled down to the very end of the coaching ladder in terms of assistants and position coache

So Sitake, Holmoe, and co. went out and spent the cash required to get very experienced and highly qualified offensive coaches from top to bottom this year and expects the results on the field to be swift.

If the athletic department isn’t generating the TV revenue it is, that money doesn’t materialize and the coaching stays underqualified.

There are no buyouts to replace Detmer. There’s no recruiting of SEC-experienced coaches. In G5, you get money for G5 coaches or guys with no experience at this level.

As a private religious institution, BYU doesn’t have a government teat to suckle. It must earn what it spends.
To be competitive, BYU needs good coaching.

To get good coaching it needs money.

That money isn’t there in a G5 conference. How likely do you think BYU is to get an additional seven figures for new coaches (when it’s already paying seven figures for fired coaches) going back to the Board of Trustees?

ESPN recently released its 2017 ranking numbers and attendance at games dipped again for the fourth straight year.
In fact, the numbers nationally fell over 3% on average.

BYU’s aren’t out-pacing that. Win, and the small attrition issue evaporates. "