A Kenyan now a Canadian President

First we have Communist Kenyan as our President. Now, a conservative Canadian is wanting to be our President. Don’t we have anyone that is actually born in the country of the U.S. who can become a conservative President? Even McCain wasn’t born in the country.

Now, Cruz would be a good conservative President. But, what about foreign affairs? I think he’d be way better than Obama and Hillary. But, don’t we have someone else who can turn the country back around and support Christian values more including self-sufficiency?

You realize where you were born has little to do with it as opposed to who your parents are, right? Dont fall for it again.

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Not according to the framers of the constitution and the constitution. I’ll go with those wise men :slight_smile:

Natural born citizen means what according to the constitution? How about the Naturalization act of 1790?

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Natural born and naturalization are two separate things. The framers knew what they were doing so that one person couldn’t come along and try to bring the US down to the level of a Monarchy again. Communism including Socialism is two close to the destruction they didn’t want. Natural Born to them meant born in the US. So there should be no one in that office aligning with foreign countries at the expense of a sovereign US. Why can we not find a President that has full alegience to the US by birth too?

Oh, so this musr be why pregnant women in the US are told not to travel outside the country, could ruin their kids shot at running fr president, right? I mean, if a U.S. citizen is pregnant and goes to Canada for a vacation and has the kid, that kid can’t come back into the country right? They are now a Canadian citizen, is that how you understand it?

Study your constitutional law and get back with me. Birthers are the best.


The child can be a US citizens, but not natural. Down the road, he may have a soft spot of alegience to the foreign country. I wouldn’t be worried about Canada. But a Communist Kenya I would. Obama is proving this.

It was clearly stated in the naturalization act of 1790…
“the children of citizens of the United States, that may be born beyond
sea, or out of the limits of the United States, shall be considered as
natural born citizens
: Provided, That the right of citizenship shall not
descend to persons whose fathers have never been resident in the United

The phrase natural born citizen was never defined in the constitution. The Naturalization Acts of 1790 and 1795 clarified what was meant.

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Amazing how many Birthers claim they want to follow the constitution yet don’t have a clue what is in it or not in it. Thanks Russ, you did SGs homework for him.

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Leave it up to the politians to ruin the meaning. Like I said, I’m not debating the law after the Constitution, I’m stating the purpose of the natural born citizen and why there should be no wiggle room. Obama is a perfect example. And I’d go further. You want to be President? Live all your life in the US except for military service, church or welfare purposes. And limit that to 2 years maximum.

  1. Those same ‘politicians’ who helped pass the Naturalization Acts, are some of the same who were involved in the framing of the constitution.
  2. Again, the constitution doesn’t define the meaning of ‘natural born’
  3. The constitution states ‘natural born’, not ‘native born’. You’re equating to be the same. If they are, then why didn’t the founders use the term ‘native born’?
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I do believe they meant native born. And, their may have been some, but not all of them. They did not want an English born President or any one who might switch loyalties.

Let me see if I understand this. They choose to use the words ‘natural born’, and within a year of ratification, they clarified that to mean that you could be born abroad to US citizen parents and be a ‘natural born’ citizen. And you think they meant ‘native born’. I’m sorry but I don’t buy it.

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He’s just being SG, no logic but he heard someone say this so he parrots it without a clue about it.

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You weren’t there. But, you do know the majority of people then did not want to break away from England. So, it doesn’t suprise me that those people got that extra clarification put into law. So, now we have the communist Kenyan running the country away from a land of liberty and freedom to a Big Brother State of either communist or fascist. Haven’t decided which one Obama is.

Oh, I guess you’re saying that you were there then??? :wink:

Had they wanted exceptions, they would have written that in. The power that the President, one man, holds must have allegence to only the U.S. 100% of the time. People have soft spots for places they were born or raised that can cloud decisions and direction. The framers knew this and tried to avoid future problems like we have today. We need to get back to the true meaning of natural born. While Cruz may be 100% true to the U.S. others before and after may not be and we have one that isn’t today.

Is that what they were saying about ‘natural born’ when you were with them during the debate?

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Russ, it doesn’t matter what they wrote nor what was added as clarification shortly after, it matters what Birthers today say they meant.

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SG: Just like George Romney, who was born in Colonia, Mexico and his parents were natural born Americans, so he qualified as a Presidential candidate. Ted Cruz is also American, but was born in Canada when his mother was on a visit to Canada at the time of his birth. Yes, Cruz qualifies as a s0-called “natural born” American. I agree with you about BO, he appears to be a Communist or at least a far left wing Socialist. And he is trying to bring this country down.