A little confused about something in this article

BYU football: What big-time QBs have recently visited BYU’s campus? - Deseret News

There was a statement in the article that made a little confused or maybe I was just not noticing it.
My confusion is based on these items:

  1. Conover was a 4-star QB when he was recruited.
  2. Last year when he did play, he seemed to understand the offense and did well.
  3. Everything I have read, said Conover the best backup.

In this article, it states: ‘BYU can’t afford to get caught in another jam where playing an injured quarterback is a better option than playing a healthy backup.’

I am confused about why A-Rod would think that Conover was not a viable option.

Any thoughts?

That would be one for Tom to ask his Insider on. I think there is a connection with the Romneys and Conover decision to move on. Purely my own thoughts on Conover.

We have hashed out the poor reasoning behind A-Rod’s QB time when Hall was injured mid-season and the fact that every coach I have ever met always looks for ways to get the backup some reps.