A little shine comes off the "Rudy was baptized" apple

Yes, he was baptized a Mormon, but, like my old neighbor (who had LDS, Catholic, and Jewish on his dog tags at the same time), it doesn’t really mean anything.

“By the way, Rudy is Mormon now. Well, he still identifies as Catholic, but he has been baptized in the churches of at least three different denominations, attends services at a fourth and his children attended the school of a fifth.”

Kind of like Eldredge Cleaver, Ricky Schroeder, and other celebrities whom people get excited about when they are baptized, a little (okay, a lot of) caution is in order. Like with many “back of the Ensign” stories (some of which I have personal, first-hand knowledge of), many inspirational stories end up being not so inspirational if you know “the rest of the story” (i.e., inactive or apostate).

Anyway, I though some here would find this Rudy update interesting.

Great Story, thanks for sharing. Personally I don’t think being labled a Mormon or a Catholic means a whole lot. It’s who you are as a child of god that matters.

There are many “in name only” members of any church, organization, etc. You’re right that mere nominal membership means nothing.

The key also is not to give up. Never know when the light turns on.