A Merry Christmas to All

Tis a good time to be a Cougar

BYU takes out 18 ranked SDSU at their place (SDSU hammered SMC last night, just sayin)…then turns around and undresses UCF, I mean the score could of been 60 to 10 or whatever but Sitake does not like to run up scores

Pleasure to watch Wilson go out at a #1 ranked QB in all the land. And to see BYU Defense hammer the UCF squad with ease (although I think the fact that we jumped out to a 2 TD lead has a lot to do with UCF being unnerved and having to abandon the run game.

Merry Christmas to all and may your tummies burst with all your favorite foods. Go Cougs

Merry Christmas Chris and it’s been great to be able to great to share in BYU’s success this year!

Merry Christmas to all, please be safe even with the vaccine, we can’t afford to lose any member of our group here.

Be safe, be one with the cougar universe…

MERRY CHRISTMAS to all and a safe and happy 2021. :christmas_tree: :football:

Stay healthy everyone and count all our blessings and look forward to fans attending the games next year! Merry Christmas to all

Merry Christmas to all. We still have BB games like tonight to watch :slight_smile:

And, UCF is a very good team but this year we are Great! And grateful for it in this crazy year… :sunglasses:

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. Great way to kick off the holidays with a great win. I had my doubts about the outcome before the game started but BYU dominated both sides of the ball. The game wasn’t as close as the score indicates.

Yes, Merry Christmas to my friends at Cougarfan! It has been great to banter as we support our Cougars! 2020 hasn’t been the best but it has been pretty good to our sports teams in spite of all the downer stuff. I don’t hold out much hope in our corrupt government people to do the right thing anymore so my wish for the New Year is that everyone prepares themselves for the future and we hold on to our testimony of the gospel and faith in Jesus Christ. That is the ONLY thing that will ultimately help us through it.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!!

I know, right? Makes you wonder what BYU would of done with time to prep for CC. FYI, BYU would not of been granted a NY6 game had we pulled off the CC game. The eye test will get you every time, it is also known as the “not sharing a dime from the P5 invitational” corrupt SEC scam.

We will never know. I think we would have gotten a NY6 bowl game. We have more notability than CCU. We probably would have played Cincinnati.

Coastal Carolina and Cincinnati showed the CFP Committee’s true colors, so I agree that BYU had no chance at a NY6 bowl game regardless of win or lose, but they had a stellar season and I was glad to be a cougar fan this year.
Have a MERRY CHRISTMAS fellow cougar fans and may 2021 bring BYU even more success!

Who are Costal Carolina and Cincinnati? But, everyone knows who Brigham Young University is. Makes a difference and that’s why we would have made the NY6.
Merry Christmas!:christmas_tree:

Ok guys I am hearing a rumor that BYU has thrown their hat into the bowl mix if there is a Covid cancellation in one of the bigger bowls. Not sure there will be much of a chance but our name is in there! Put on your seatbelts.

Where’s the rumor coming from?

Athletic Administration.

Great early Christmas present: even with Empey and Barrington absent, our OL absolutely embarrassed the UCF DL. That may have been the most dominating performance ever by a BYU OL against a really good team. The OL not only created massive lanes for Allgeier, but made it ridiculously easy for Zach.

Kudos to Grimes and Mateo for great recruiting and coaching the big boys.

I know they were serious about playing Army in their bowl game but this would be monster news if BYU were to get one more game for Wilson and co.

That Kid showed me that BYU has never had an arm that good at BYU. Sorry, I know I opened a big Pandora’s box by saying that but those throws were NFL HOF QB throws.

Like McMahon, Young and Wilson and Detmer and…those that did play in the NFL.

Maybe Notre Dame will forfeit and we can slip in and play Alabama!

He did great. One bad hiccup was when he tried to do his best Mahomes impression and side arm flung a pass into the ground instead of making the easy throw to a wide open guy. That showed some immaturity and bad decision making. Other than that he was pretty impressive.