A Merry Christmas to All

How long are you going to hold on to your delusional belief that BYU has a chance at playing in the CFP at some point? They won’t even invite undefeated teams to a NY6 game, let alone the CFP.

Immaturity back to last couple of years. Maybe a good idea to come back for his senior year :thinking:

I didn’t say anything about the CFP.

Ok… :roll_eyes:

Here is where Wilson compares to the legends of McMahon, Young and Detmer:
Finding Zach Wilson’s Place In BYU Quarterback History (247sports.com)

I have never said that Wilson is better then these legends…I have only said that Wilson’s arm is better. Stats back that up.

Zach Wilson’s Best Throws Throughout The 2020 Season (247sports.com)
The best of Wilson.
By the way, My inside informer tells me that Wilson is gone unless the Jets choose to draft him, if that happens he will stay at BYU for one more year. hahahhahaha, go Jets

Sadly, our Cougars didn’t get to play Utah or any Big Five teams. The year was as good as it could be with that schedule. Zach will move on without a rivalry win as did Warner, Jamal, Hill, Ziggy, etc.
Our talent level has improved but so has the Utes.
Go Cougars.

Happy New Year!