A new era for BYU Football

2016 Season ushers in a new era for BYU Football.
Indeed, we now, all 100% of us, have the Audacity for hope.

There is no longer a need for the 15% er’s. Their dream came true, that now unites us as one in purpose and back into the 100% fold. No more controversy…

When any opposing team confronts us and says that we can not beat them, our team with confidence can say, “Yes we can”. Yes we can, may be our knew slogan, if indeed, we must have slogans.

Sataki has done a fantastic job recruiting two hall of fame coaches, one of which, the OC, will be coaching the Quarterbacks. The other hall of fame Receivers coach will be coaching receivers that will be catching the balls that Hill and Mangum will be throwing.

I have a vision, yes, I have a dream, that we may want to change the results of our coin toss from delaying the receiving to starting out with the receiving where every down or two, but not more than 3 plays will result in a first down where through out the entire game, the opposing team never gets a chance at playing offensive.,

We now have great coaches that while coaching, that is the most important thing they do and not just somewhere around 6 in importance somewhere after fireside chats.

We have coaches now that see recruiting as a 365 day, 24 hour per day job with no rock unturned. No body expects time off for relaxation or familhy outtings during the season. No more neglected recruits in Provo or in the state of Utah or nation wide or world wide. The power players will be recruited
where ever they are…

Appreciation and respect and thankfulness will be offered to those recruited. 4-5 star players will be a target. They will no longer be shunned. They will no longer suffer the humiliation of being told that they are no better than any of the 0-3 star players. Their egos will not only be tolerated but appreciated and respected.

This new era is a time for healing as we forge forward into our new era of success.

Thanks to Sataki and to all that made this happen. Thanks to Holmo.Thank you Bronco for helping this dream be realized. Good luck in Va. and may the thrill of success be realized by both Va. and by BYU.

Change springs new hope! Archive your post and when the program runs into a little adversity, which it will, go back and re-read your post. You have a great attitude about the program which is important. The new staff need all the support they can get and they will need it even more when they hit a little adversity.

Great Post! I agree wholeheartedly. Bronco did a great job, but obviously reached his ceiling, going his last 4 years without a 10 win season, with a few schedules that were, um, not exactly SEC worthy. I always supported Bronco and have tremendous respect for him. But from a purely football standpoint, it is highly probable that Sitake will NOT be worse than an 8-9 win per season coach, but he MIGHT be better than that. In my opinion, we have already made a MASSIVE, and I mean earthshattering, volcanic upgrade at offensive coordinator, which will resolve many in-game issues. Even more importantly, you hit the nail on the head regarding our recruiting focus, because BETTER PLAYERS=BETTER TEAMS. Period. End of story.

2016 is pretty tough schedule especially first 7 games. I sure hope that our team depth would be deaper than Bronco did in past for this year. It would be a miracle if we went 10-2 or 9-3 but I won’t be disappointed if we go 6-6 or 4-8. I know for sure that we won’t see those many many times running in the gut on 3rd down with those 3rd string RB or just running in the gut period! And we will see more TE’s will be involve as Ty Detmer promised. It will be interesting how we do with our two really good QBs (if TH is fully recovered by fall camp).

Yes, I would be very surprised by a stellar 10+ win season next fall. Would expect some hiccups. Need to be supportive during those hard times. Our coaching staff, quality wise and quantity wise, has been upgraded. Knowing Ty’s history, we won’t be that static, very predictable offense. Nice thing is the backfield will be very experienced, Tanner has a full year under his belt.

With a real tough schedule, Ty will appreciate inheriting two elite level QBs and one of the best RBs in BYU history–especially since all three are top notch “character” guys who play their hearts out on EVERY down and have the massive love and respect of their teammates. But we can see that Sitake knows what we know: 2 star recruits and walkons can only get you so far, and he’s gonna change that, but it will take 1 or 2 more recruiting classes. It will be interesting to see if we can stay on the field with Michigan St and Mississippi State and UCLA, schools who go three deep with 3 and 4 (and 5) star recruits. We saw at Michigan what happens when a well-coached team full of 4 and 5 star studs plays a poorly prepared team with inferior athleticism at almost every position. Let’s hope those days are behind us!

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Glen, Tiarimer, Dew, and Roy,

Thank you for your replies. I agree with much of each of your comments. It is a good feeling to have all of us happy with all of our coaches now. It is a good feeling not to have us divided in what should or should not be done in football. It is a good feeling that none of us has anything to complain about.

I do believe now, all of us feel. that if we have a difference of opinion, with the current new coaches, that with all the talent, and football minded coaches that have football #1 on the list of important things that they do during the coaching day, that we will agree, that it is us that need to change our thinking and not a Heisman Winner , a hall of fame person, a 14 year veteran in the NFL that has to change his thinking. I think that we all agree that he alone knows more than all of us collectively. I am not sure that was the case with our outgoing coaches. How lucky we are to have a QB coach and OC like Ty Detmer!!!

The same goes for our Wide Receivers coach, also a 14 year veteran in the Canadian League, and also a Hall of Fame person and also one of the 10 best players to play that position ever, at BUY. How lucky we are to have back, Ben Cahoon.

Sataki is the New Head Coach that was able to get our Heisman Trophy winner to come back and coach for us. The outgoing coach said it would never happen.

Detmer would never leave his ranch and his hunting and fishing,
Sataki, said to Detmer, Lay down your nets, and let me make you a fisherman for the BYU Cougars, No he didn’t.
But you get the point.

Sataki brought us four 4 star players and he has only just begun.

He is a pipeline, being the first Polynesian Coach in American College Football history, to bring to us, the top Polynesian players in the world.

He values, he loves, he respects 4-5 star players and he shows them the respect that they are due, and he does not tell them that it is they that must feel lucky to be playing at BYU and not the other way around. He is the opposite of the outgoing coach when it comes to recruiting. That is a good thing for BYU.

It is my opinion that the ceiling for the current coaching staff that we now have started where the outgoing coaching ended, and the top is still not know, but is expected to be somewhere beyond Pluto in our Universe. I am sooooo hyped. Let the games begin. I have already bought 4 fantastic seats for the Arizona game. I can hardly wait for the rest of the games to go on sale. Go Cougars,


I agree with you. We will have some questionable losses like all Universities have.
The big difference is this:

These new coaches to BYU spend tons of time teaching while the old coaching staff spent tons of time
thinking up cute slogans and telling the seasoned coaches through out the nation, how to act with the players, i.e. don’t run up the score because these are just kids. Next we play UCLA in Provo and beat them 59-0. Next we beat FCS teams 70-0 etc. etc. etc.

The old HC did not like players more than 3 stars and sat 4 star QB on the bench to play a 2 star QB with a broken back. 2 five star QB’s transferred out under Bronco’s watch as damaged goods that could no longer succeed anywhere they went. The new coach goes anywhere and everywhere in the world, including Provo and other Utah locations to find and invite the best athletes in the Nation to come to Provo. Our new HC loves, respects and invites the best athletes he can find to come to Provo.

The old HC was proud that football was only #5 or t6 in importance to him while the new HC shows with his actions and not words, that he is extremely dedicated to coaching football and his job is extremely important to him.

The old HC looked for every opportunity to give the coaches and players time off for rest and healing while this HC spends every opportunity teaching.

In my eyes, this is important and with these important difference, it will be very understandable that we can not win all the games all the time, year after year after year.

I know that we will will all the games possible to win because we will be ready. That is a big difference over the past.