Aaargh! Frustrating!

Will Dave Rose do different things on offense to use what he actually has? Or, will he continue to bomb away from 3, even though we are ranked #309 in the NCAA for 3-point percentage?

We stunk at 3 pointers last year (and foul shots, historically a BYU strength). I don’t think we can “shoot ourselves out of the slump.” But, instead of changing our offense and scoring points in other ways, my experience with BYU basketball under Rose is that he won’t react or adjust at all. We’ll just have our whole offense be based on the 3, even though we’re terrible at it. And we’re not a good rebounding team, either. And we have no real big men. Etc.

I think this is one reason why Rose’s teams have been prone to long scoring droughts and big opponent runs. And, I don’t see it getting any better this year. I think the 3 point attempts will increase once Emery jumps in.

I am not sure what happened. In the pre-WCC days BYU was always a great 3 point shooting team and it has gone downhill ever since. Even before Jimmer arrived Rose’s teams could always shoot the 3.If you can’t hit at least 1 out of 3 from three point range then forget it and work for a high pct shot unless you are real late in the shot clock and have throw something up or you need a 3 to win or tie. You are better off taking the higher percentage 2 that should drop 50% of the time…It is just basic math. Three out of 6 from two point range is better than shooting 2 out of 7 from 3 point range. You will need 33% from three point range to get the same production, or better, as you would get hitting 50% of your shots inside the arc taking the same number of shots. Thirty three percent should be the minimum acceptable percentage. If you are going to shoot a lot of 3s you need to hit 35-40%.

Exactly. I remember Andy Toolson, Bobby Caepner, Mike Smith, Mark Bigelow, and scores and scores of deadly three point shooters from well before Jimmer. We used to be an automatic free throw shooting team, too, but those are more of an adventure now, as well. I think a big help was we used to have really good big men (Russell Larsen, Gary Trost, Rafael Araujo, Mikeli Wesley, and scores and scores of others just since the 80s). That’s a perfect compliment to an outside shooting game, because they have to defend both. It’s like having a good running and passing game.

My point is the same as yours: if you can’t make them and your percentage is abysmal, stop shooting them and work an offense focusing on opening up closer shots. If your team just can’t really make them consistently, continuing to bomb away is asinine (especially if you’re undersized and can’t rebound, either). We’re a small guard-heavy team this year, and we can’t continue to be #309 in 3 point percentage without the rebounders. I think we should run a methodical, clock-eating, low-scoring offense that focuses on ball/clock control and high percentage shots, but Rose has always loved run-and-gun. We get exposed with run-and-gun against good teams because we can’t shoot, can’t hit foul shots, can’t rebound, and don’t play defense.

Rose doesn’t seem like a coach; he seems more like an onlooker watching playground basketball. He has never cared about defense (1/2 of the game), and he doesn’t adjust or run actual offenses. What kills BYU basketball is the scoring droughts/opponent runs. The coach has to use his team to get points when there’s a drought, and stop opponent runs. Has to. You can’t get down big and then try to come from behind all the time — especially when you can’t hit 3 pointers or rebound. The problem just compounds.

Good luck getting Rose to alter his game plan. Really, why does Childs need to be launching 3’s. Haws is a legitimate threat from the 3 point line, he just needs to be selective about his shots. Same for Seljaas. The major problem is shot selection. If it’s questionable, resist and go for two

This is one of the main reasons I use terms like delusional to describe the team, the coach and the fans. All of the things posted in this thread so far would improve if those groups would just get a reality check and wake up.

I am so tired of the status quo and routine that we see year after year. BYU is predictable and boring.

It is past due time for something different or a new approach.

I’d like to see more 2 point shots and back off the 3 point shots. Even with Haws. He rarely misses the midrange shots. For whatever reason, we apparently are super 3 point shooters in practice but not in the game. Some players can shoot the same in games as they do in practice but most of our players don’t. Larry Byrd was a perfect shooter in practice and in games. He never changed his shot from start to release. Our shooters do. Their speed, balance, footwork and release is different in games than practice.

I know you have seen several games so far this season, but how many practices have you been to?

That’s what I thought… none.

Therefore you can’t make a statement like that.

I coached. Same thing happened with our players and it’s easy to tell most of their releases aren’t comfortable during games. Also, from all resources of those who have been to practices say the same thing. See, some humans actually can reason logically these things :slight_smile:

This team is lacking some solid roll players. I though Hardnett would be more of a contributor this go around. I though Seljaas would be his ol self this year. Harding and Bax are just too young. It is a mental thing, When we play teams the kids know they are better then…the shots fall but against as good as or better comp, they hesitate, not wanting to cost their team. As much as I hate it, Emery has always been fearless and willing to take any shot. I guess if he comes back and playes well, all will be forgiven by the fanbase. For the record, I will always wish he transferred for all the grief he caused.

He should have stayed on his mission. I wasn’t happy or impressed when he came home to play basketball after only 6 or 8 months (with Emery there to meet him at the airport). If he really didn’t want to go, he shouldn’t have gone in the first place (cf. Zach Wilson). What a waste of a privilege and experience — and to throw that away to come home and not be able to shoot.

That is just what our team doesn’t need. Everyone else is already “fearless and willing to take any shot.”

They shoot 6 of 28 from 3 and lose by 3 points in overtime. That’s very poor shot selection. When you can’t hit even 25% and you are on the road be patient and take a better shot. They shouldn’t have taken more than half that many 3’s. That game should have been won.

If nothing was falling on their shots, then they should have played defense. Dave Rose didn’t make any adjustment or he kept telling his guys to shoot 3’s and if it doesn’t fall still and he kept telling them keep on trying those 3’s?

Like I said at the beginning of the season, there is nothing I have seen to get me excited about this team and what they can do. Nothing is different this season as we have seen over the past several years.

I was hopeful last season after watching Dastrup spark the team and help them to several wins against better teams early in the season but then Rose kept him on the bench and he left the team. I guess making Worthington a team captain and chasing Dastrup off were two things that they believed would make the team better.

Same old same old…

Amen Jim H.

Stay tuned! Lots more games still to be played!