According to BYU TV and KSL Dave McCann

Ken Niumatalolo has officially turned down the offer to go to BYU. He is no longer in the running.

Kilane Sitake came to Provo this morning and then flew back to Corvalis without any comments from the athletic office. It could be that he returned home to talk to the wife, say goodbye to Gary Anderson and his players and return tomorrow for a press conference. However, there is no further activity.

Lance Anderson will not be interviewed…at least right now.

No one else close to the program knows what is happening next or isn’t talking.

It could also mean this…Niumatalolo isn’t coming, Sitake isn’t coming, Anderson isn’t coming…and BYU has to find someone else.

Well, let’s hope he can surround himself with good coaches:
OC - Sarkisian
DC - Himself
QB - Detmer

Navy people say this report is false. They have no confirmation that Coach Ken is remaining at Navy. Of course they have all the reason to hope that he will.

It is also curious that BYU has not scheduled any more interviews. At least not publicly.

And the wait continues!

I think the key thing here is that they have not publicly announced any interviews. I wouldn’t be surprised if they talked to Anderson via Skype, and it is on the down low.

They announced Ken N from Navy and Sitaki.