Alabama Bloodbath: How bad will it be?

Just finished watching the Niagara abomination again.
The only thing running through my mind is how bad will Bama beat the Cougs?

The choices seem to be:
A. Cougs win a close one.
B. Bama wins close.
C. Bama wins big.
D. Bama wins in a bloodbath.

Given the way the team is playing and the fact that Bama basically played UTA even, is seems like the reasonable choices are C or D.

C. I think is more than 10 after leading by much more the whole game ala UTA
D. Bama plays the game without letting off the gas pedal the way UTA did and wins by over 20.

Bama shoots better than UTA, so the Cougs defense is likely to be as dismal if not more.
Bama is big and plays better defense usually than UTA so Cougs offense is likely to look as bad maybe worse than it did against UTA. This game is not in the comfy confines of the Big MAC so the Cougs offense is likely to play worse than it did at UTA.

Adds up to worse than UTA…option D.

How might the Cougs win?
Payton Dastrup gets minutes and it proves to be a game like Selly had against Denver his freshman year. Dastrup is big enough that if he got hot and the coach game him minutes it might make a difference.
Andrus gets up off the bench and makes the difference Dastrup doesn’t.
Worthington shows offensive chops he hasn’t so far.
The refs “decide” to send the Cougs to the foul line so the one clear advantage the Cougs have, (FT shooting percentage), makes a difference.
Maybe Selly has one of his can’t-miss-a-three-games…his current average is on the wanning side right now so he’s due.
Maybe another option is that the vaunted Cougar defense shows up the way it did in the decrepit exhibition-like MVSU game.

I keep thinking to myself…I love the NIT but still can’t make it sound convincing.
I also keep thinking about SMC a couple of years ago…the coach set them up with the cushiest of cushy schedules allowed them to develop skills and confidence. I just hope that that is the way it works out for the Cougs for next year.

There is no doubt BYU is a young team. Next year actually should be a great opportunity with the same team coming back and playing well as a team. Dastrup should by then overtake Worthington if he doesn’t bolt to UVU as Jim suggests.

Andrus has been injured so I don’t see him playing yet. Do you?

What happens tomorrow will depend upon matchups, as tight of defense as possible and team play setting up good shots and getting fouls. We need to stay close into the second half. This would be a great upset. However, there’s a better chance against UMASS.

Better chance against UMass is not an understatement.
They beat Niagara essentially every which way they could.
BYU barely managed to beat the Niagara team that was already tired and beat by UMass just 48 housrs before.
Usually the second game the team is worse and BYU didn’t come close to equaling UMass’s performance against Niagara.

So yes a better chance but still not a gimme.

It would be a good win and 2-1 for the road trip. I’m predicting 3-0 upsets :slight_smile:

losses to
Utah State
Illinois State
6-7 before WCC play…
18-13 going into WCC tournament
Bubble NIT
on the road loss in NIT
pray for improvement next year after Roses worst year on record at 18-15 maybe 19-15 if they win the first round WCC

We will beat Utah, Utah Snake, UVU and UMASS

You may prove right.

Bama game was the first one I saw the team play a game this year that was encouraging.
UMass game BYU won the first four minutes and the last four and hung close enough in between that the final score came their way.
Also encouraging…at the end of the game Rose acknowledged that the team played badly, that Payton’s play made the difference in the game at the end…finally BYU played two games showing toughness haven’t seen that in years…greatly encouraged.

Let’s hope that was the last bad shooting game Haws has. We need him to make baskets.

He also needs to learn to play defense. He was a liability there as well.

Some simply can’t be perfect at it. But the football team got to 30 points!