Amazing finish!

Amazing what happens when byu actually throws the football around. I gotta give Robot Anae some credit here. For the first time since he’s come back to byu, he called a half decent game. There weren’t too many dive calls. Loved it.

Mangum looks to be a byu hall of famer in the making. Love his release on the ball. Best passer on byu’s roster since Jason Munns. ;)…Byu looked good, but just not enough Adam Hine. He only got a couple of touches all game. He’s far and away byu’s best running back right now.

Boise is going to be a tough one. As long as byu keeps their foot on the offensive gas pedal, they have a good chance of winning. Keep throwing the football to the tight ends and running backs. This is key for byu’s success.


I thought that Anae did a good job as well. The adjustment that I liked the most was that they slowed down a bit on offense so that the qbs had more time to read the defensive coverage.

The only thing I did not like about the game was our dB diving at the legs of their tight end. It doesn’t help the image that has long been with us about playing dirty. If he was trying not to hit him, he did a very poor job.

Taysom Hill is a BYU Hall of Famer. Tanner is a ballgame winner. Two quality people, two QB’s both led BYU to victory. Do miracles happen? YES! I think Mangum has the moxie to win continuiously. Taysom Hill is one of the greatest leader and one of the most gutsy, bravest leader in the history of BYU football.

I think Taysom’s injury slowed BYU down too, al la his injury in the second quarter. The football gods’ were with us yesterday. Heavenly Father was with Taysom and Tanner. Go BYU.

Hine is an all-world athlete, and he sure is impressive with a full head of steam, but I’ve been waiting for years for him to be a guy who can find a hole, make those microscopic lateral slides off a blocker’s hip pad, or show any lateral quickness for that matter. We have been very spoiled by JWill, who may not have Hine’s flat out speed or size, but who is an all-time great at reading blocks and breaking tackles even while moving laterally while always leaning upfield. I hope Hine makes the most of his opportunity, because we need him now more than ever with Taysom out.

What a tragedy about Taysom–he looked like an NFL QB playing against 8th graders out there…we will never know if he could have been our 2nd Heisman winner…but I agree with you 100% on Mangum. Forget the Hail Mary–on Mangum’s very first pass, on which on the run he threw an absolute laser into a very small window for a 1st down, my son (former college WR) and I looked at each other and both said, “Uh, this guy is GOOD.” And Mangum can move enough… NO college QB runs like Taysom, but Mangum is fast enough to get the job done when he has to roll or scramble. Our future is bright with him at the helm; frankly, I’m WAY more worried about our RB situation.

I agree with your assessment of our running backs. But the passing game is way up there. Very too too bad about Taysom. But Mangum is a gamer too. He is heads up, take charge, and looks like a winner. If the slow down in our game was either due to Taysom’s injury or OC Anae finally got it right, whatever, it worked. Perhaps BYU can win some more with Magnum at the helm and perhaps play a little slower.

I think everybody is on the mark here.

Both QBs played great.
Anae called a surprisingly great game.
The RBs needs some work.
The WRs where catching more passes than I’ve seen in the past (not dropping as many).