Amber Whiting New BYU Womens' Basketball Coach

Willams and Haarms were not LDS and had a great opportunity to have seeds planted for the future. BYU is influential with missionary work as it’s a great talking point starter for members. Her videos with BYU gear on influences members and non-member youth looking at BYU. She’s going to get a look at the pro’s no matter where she plays. She will continue to earn NIL money as well at BYU.

If she’s looking at a master’s program that would be better for her somewhere else, fine. Don’t know what that would be. I still think it has to do with who got the head coaching job…

What does that have to do with anything… Dumb comment again.

BYU is a missionary tool that is truly abused by the fans… She is a living person who knows what she wants to do with her life as directed by the one true source “God” (as she stated in her post).

That is why they call it “personal revelation”!

Who are you to say she is wrong?

You remind me of conversation with someone who is also LDS, he asked me if I felt the church membership has gotten to the point of the Christ time with the Pharisees and Sadducees? meaning people are all puffed up about belonging to the “true church” and anyone who does not follow the way they think is right, then they are evil…

Not sure about outside of Utah, but a certain amount of members in Utah seems to have fallen in that trap.

You think the Church keeps BYU other than missionary work and a place to try and keep our youth from the secular woke tank? Are you kidding me? BYU is a great place to do missionary work with non-members like I was and with others our players come in contact with. Yes, BYU is to help the missionary effort. If not, why does the Church own it. Why not sell it away?

Not me. I’m an “equal opportunity” hater of the transfer portal and the mercenary nature of college sports now. And, we don’t really gain any great players via the portal in other people’s leftovers. I think we will be hard-pressed to get anyone as good as Barcello again (and he wasn’t amazing).

I think if players want to transfer, they should have to sit out a year.

I’m in agreement with you…

I agree, my comment was based on reading some of the comments about Shayla’s transferring and some fans calling names that I do not think is appropriate. If she can find a good school, finish her education and go onto the WNBA, I hope she makes it.

the NCAA really needs to get a better handled on the transfer portal and the NIL deals… They will destroy college sports in my opinion.

I read where a football player from Alabama was suspended for violating team rules by Saban (never thought he had rules to begin with), the kid was upset, and transferred that week instead of being a man and taking responsibility for his actions.

As for finding talent, well Barcello was talented, and we convinced him to come. I would like to see more kids from high school come through the program, let Pope help them develop their skills, then move on the next level. But until the Transfer portal issues are fixed, that won’t happen.

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Floud, agreed.

Btw, I can understand the negative fan reaction even though I don’t agree with it. Fandom coupled with the transfer portal or free agency is often like dating. It’s as if someone from a relationship we have invested our time, energy, and emotion into says, “I really like you, but you’re really not my type. Let’s just be friends.”

I agree, I don’t mind it until they turn to personal worthiness comments. That is what bothers me.

Ahh… The “Let’s be friends” trick… LOL

Not sure if you live in Utah or not, but I found this article about Amber Whiting interesting, especially since it is her husband that is talking about her.

Amber Whiting is ready to be BYU Cougars women’s basketball coach, Trent Whiting says - Deseret News

I’m afraid that Pope has focused too much on transfer portal mercenaries instead of traditional high school recruiting, and the hens are coming home to roost. Then again, you have no guarantees whatsoever that your high school recruits will stay any length of time — or that they won’t freak out if they are disciplined or not starting as underclassmen.

Doesn’t it seem like the focus has been the portal under Poor, though? At least this bump in the road makes it less likely he’ll leave for Kentucky . . . :slight_smile:

How is there even pro women’s basketball in the first place? I have watched about 2 minutes total of women’s games when I am channel surfing and it is AWFUL every time. College is even worse.

We have been force fed many women’s sports for 50 years (title IX) and there just aren’t a lot of them that are that fun to watch. I agree that everyone should be allowed to play if they enjoy it but the equality aspect of it is nonsense. What a weird world we live in.

If you were a woman you wouldn’t feel the same. Especially if you had a daughter.

How do you know? Are you a woman with a daughter?

You sound like a whiny progressive liberal. :rofl:

Ya, me a liberal :rofl:

The NCAA is one of the most crooked organizations in the country.

My guess is that there are about 50% of our population that are female. i have three daughters that played basketball two of them played softball, two were track and field athletes,one played and still plays golf , and all thee played soccer. If you don’t like women in sports go ahead and root for transvestite guys who like to beat girls or women in women’s sports. People like you are not a threat to women’s sports, the transvestites are as well as many politicians who allow the trans males who can’t beat other guys, so they compete against girls.

I have no problem with girls playing sports. Please don’t misunderstand or read into something I posted. I encourage everyone to play as many sports as they can or like to play. There are multiple reasons why playing sports of any kind are beneficial and a good thing.

Are we clear on that?

However, the fact that people are compelled to watch some of those sports on television is a little troubling. For example, the WNBA just isn’t that great. I think women’s soccer is okay and volleyball isn’t bad. Also, women’s golf is pretty good, but golf on tv is kind of meh. Regardless, I think you need to look at the bigger picture of what is going on. Society nowadays is basically TOLD what they will do, how they will do it, when they will do it, etc. Our lives are being controlled by tech companies and media. They control what we watch, what we buy, what should interest us, how we should think, etc. Anyone who thinks Biden is a puppet should stop and look around… we are all puppets.

Independent thinking, free speech, etc. are all under attack. Look no further than this board. I expressed an opinion about women’s professional sports and a lot of people didn’t like it. We are supposed to like women’s sports under the guise of “equality” and other bogus ideas about how those principles should be instituted or rather, enforced. The push for men to find a way to compete in women’s sports is a symptom of bogus ideas being forced upon society in the name of equality. It’s all backwards and confused now.

I don’t happen to agree with the way it is done in our society.

Of course you don’t have to like watching a girls event. I find soccer in general hard to watch unless it’s the US in the Olympics. People were also expressing what women’s sports they like to watch is all. If Women are allowed to compete in sports then they should have equal opportunity. Does it hurt men’s sports too? Yes it does. But, college wrestling isn’t a sport that gets large viewership either and wasn’t at BYU even though the wrestling team was great. So, what is the solution? Charge more money for football and men’s basketball to fund wrestling. No? Okay, move on :sunglasses: