Anae and Discipline

Same old garbage.
Anae called a horrible first half and I’m sure nothing will change in the second!

Bronco still can’t control unsportsmanlike play.

I believe as long as we have an ex lineman running the offense who believes running up the middle must be part of EVERY series and has no clue how to run a pass oriented possession offense, we are dead in these games without a guy like Hill to bail us out.

I don’t know if we can pull it together to win today, but regardless, look out for next week, that game will be much uglier for us unless Anae can put his ego aside and develop an offensive plan centered on the 6-8 yard pass.


Come on man. Perfect game plan for a freshman QB a few months off his mission

how many weeks in a row can you pull a rabbit out of your hat?

They got UCLA next week.

I think the magic comes to an end.

Angles are there for the Y for the first 2 games to bail the Cougars out. But the Cougars need to iron some things out. UCLA is gonna be a much more difficult team to beat than Neb. and BSU. Some very questionable calls by the officials. What a final few minutes. 11 point win - all rightttttttttttttttttt!

The rabbit’s name is Tanner Magnum, and I think he does it despite of Anae play calling…

Actually, the rabbit’s name is Tanner MaNgum. :wink: Same problem the announcers had all game yesterday.

I will blame it all on “autotype”… :blush:

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I was thinking the same thing. There is a God in heaven :wink:
UCLA will be different if we don’t block better and the defense start better.

No question UCLA is a better team top to bottom. But the game plan and play calling this year so far has been the reason we are 2-0. Almost perfection on how to help a recent RM who isn’t even in shape yet, have 2 of the all time great comebacks in byu history. These two games will be played for years along side the Jimmy Mac play and a few others. Just enjoy it while it lasts, cause wr just pulled out back to back upsets with a freshman QB throwing Hail Mary’s in back to back weeks. If that doesn’t get you going, you need to get a blue pill

How can you say this with a straight face? “But the game plan and play calling this year so far has been the reason we are 2-0.” Are you talking about the intramural play calling of “everyone go long and I’ll scramble around and throw it up there and hopefully somebody gets it”. Is that the play calling you are talking about? Or are you talking about the halftime adjustments vs. Nebraska that saw a 24-14 lead disappear in an overly conservative 3rd quarter in which BYU was shutout until the miracle play? No my friend, the reason BYU is 2-0 is a result of some very fortunate turn of events and a lot of luck.

Yes, those were fantastic and exciting finishes and yes, I think I remember making mention of it… so you go ahead and take your little blue pill for whatever reason you need to and recognize that the Cougars have been fortunate in converting 1 in a 1,000 flukes and broken plays in back to back weeks. Mangum has a lot of heart. thank goodness he is able to overcome the play calling when it matters.

I to, am a little frustrated by the up the middle run plays. None of those roll out pass plays were called plays, I believe. Anae needs to incorporate some of those tyypes of plays into the UCLA game if he hopes to have a chance to win. Like Bronco said, we have to prepare the players so they have a chance to compete and win. Last time they played BYU won 59 to 0. I wonder if UCLA has that score on their bulletin board?

The play calling in the Nebraska game was good. The pick-off early in the third quarter hurt quite a bit. Not one person on this board complained about it at all after the game.

Now, it was a different story with BSU. To me, it looked like Anae reverted back to Mr Conservative until about the 4th quarter.

I agree Russ. He needs to get Mangum rolling out more. No more 5 runs in a row.

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Play calling? If Anae would trust more in Mangum and get him moving outside the pocket occasionally that would keep defenses more honest.

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So if you do it twice, is it still 1 in a 1000? He’s 2 out of 2 doing it, I don’t think you understand the odds of what Tanner is doing.

We should be 0-2, but thanks to the gameplan we are 2-0

The most bothersome thing is that BYU always comes out flat and predictable. I get the feeling that opponents are ALWAYS better prepared. Also, the halftime adjustments where the coaches are supposed to tweak things a little and come out with a plan to attack what their opponent is doing… inevitably BYU is dominated in that department. The offense NEVER adjusts or changes things up to attack the defense and the opponents always seem to come out in the third quarter and dominate, forcing BYU to rally late or make some miraculous comeback, often because their opponent gets lazy or goes conservative to protect a lead.

That has been the recipe the first two games…

It certainly isn’t something that you can rely on for an entire season.

I believe I heard this game was the first time in Broncos history a team of his has come back in the 4th qtr down 10+.

Seems like I don’t remember a lot of BYU comebacks from 10+ in a 4th qtr in the history of the program. How about we just enjoy this, stop and smell the roses, before the season throws us another turn. We were underdogs in both games, and this week I’m hearing 17 point underdogs to UCLA, sure they could blow us out, but I won’t concede that until the final seconds have ticked off the clock. Enjoy the ride, it’s been years since we had had something like this kid taking snaps.

You obviously didn’t watch the Nebraska game. They came out passing. Anae called a good game. The BSU game was a different story.

Actually I did see the Nebraska game. I saw Nebraska score the first touchdown of the game because BYU came out flat on both offense and defense. The offense sputtered and the defense couldn’t tackle so my comment stands. The play calling was okay, but they had Hill doing most of the damage with his legs again and that ended up “damaging his legs again” Then there was the predictable halftime adjustment that never takes place. BYU’s halftime plan was so Anaesque… we have a 10 point lead that we must protect at all costs. That is why they were outscored 14-0 in the third quarter and it is also why it required two miraculous 4th quarter comebacks to win the first two games.

I would love to see BYU beat UCLA by outplaying them for 4 quarters, from beginning to end and being the better team. I don’t think you can script 3 miracle comebacks in a row, it seems that those have been used up for the season 2 games in. I am a BYU fan first and foremost, but I also watch a game from beginning to end and can readily see which team plays the best game. That isn’t always the team that wins. Anae’s gameplan has been okay the first two games, not great but not as bad as many games I’ve seen in the past. Let’s hope there is a gameplan in place for UCLA and that halftime adjustments, which are always critical regardless of the score, are made appropriately. A good start would be nice too.

I have read all the opinions here and still think Anae’s game plan vs BSU was the worst I’ve ever seen…our 20 unproductive dives for no gain did not “wear down the BSU defense,” or “set up the pass,” or anything else. It just robbed us of opportunities to score. Thanks to Anae, we kept going 3 and out (once running dive on 5 of 6 plays in a row for zero yards total) and it is nothing short of a miracle that BSU wasn’t up 20 points or more at the half. We had a very lucky fluke TD in the first minute, two TDs GIFTED to us courtesy of stupid penalties on The Mouth, and two even luckier TDs in the final minute. Our offense had ZERO legit drives, because you can’t have a successful drive when you are running dive for no yards over and over. With how our D played, if Anae hadn’t been so afraid to play ball, I think we could have blown those guys out. Their QB wilted in the moment, and Kaufusi and friends were up to the task, stoning their star RB. Our WR are our strongest position group, and Anae largely ignored them that entire game. I’m THRILLED to have watched our luckiest win EVER, but I also believe we are good enough to beat good teams if Anae would take the wet blanket off.