And here we go!’

Who will win the battle of titans?

Anyone knows why they went conservative in the 2nd qtr?

Don’t know. Just don’t like the calling. Wilson looks confused. Hopefully we can make adjustments at halftime. That poor blocking on the extra point can cost us the game if we don’t score more.

Boise State asked them too!!

Haha… meh

Whose coaching the defense right now?

Good question.

He was playing good. Then who knows what happened. Got board I guess.

Finally BYU football beat BSU at their Blue Turf.

interesting comment on post game as to why Kalani left Zac Wilson so long.

maybe it had something to do with two on sides kicks.

He just said on Sports Nation that it also had to do with the 2 quick touchdowns.
Have you heard anything about Katoa’s injury?

It was because Boise State lost their quarterback to concussion and they brought in a new freshman. The game was over but Harston kicked a few on side kick off so coach Sitake kept Wilson in and threw a few more touchdowns

Byu gave boise’s secondary way too much respect. They were supposed to be real good this year…Not.

Ummm…beg to differ with you. We are really good.

I was taking about Boise’s secondary. They were supposed to be really good. They were not.
Of coarse Wilson had something to do with it. Great placement on his passes.
He’s the best byu qb since the gritty Riley Nelson. :grin:

He’s turning out better than Nelson. He’s up their with Young and McMahaon

He might even be better than Jake Heaps, the guy with the rocket arm, never ending hype, best high school QB in the nation in 2009, the master of the 10 yard out pattern, and the mobility of a snail. As long as we are talking about Nelson lets talk about the guy he beat out.

Actually if you took the mobility of Riley Nelson and increased it a little, the arm strength of Heaps and increased it and the accuracy of John Beck and increased it and put it all in one package then you have Zach Wilson.

It was a joke Scott. Nelson was actually the worst qb in byu history. Should have never played…But we’ve had this conversation many times before.

I am not putting Wilson up with the BYU greats yet. He will have to face stiffer competition to earn that. He is better than the average but behind, McMahon, Wilson, Detmer, Young, Bosco, Beck and Sark, Nelson etc. If he beats a couple of great teams I will elevate him. Let’s not get ahead of ourselves.

I don’t know about the worst. I remember Sean Covey who sucked up all the playing time and they didn’t give Mike Young, Steve’s brother, a chance to play after he came in a game and looked great. Covey has to be near the leader board for worst ever.