And the battle for QB begins

Deseret News put this article in the paper about Jaren Hall…
BYU football: Why Jaren Hall put baseball on hold to focus on football - Deseret News

It is interesting some of the comments in it, you will have to read it to see what I mean.

Of course, the real concern with Hall is his glass jaw. Concussions is the real question. He’s got competition for sure!

Yep, very good athlete but once the concussions start … they don’t stop in most athletes. My biggest concern for him is that on one very low intensity hit, Jalen got concussed. He just seems fragile and I think he ought to concentrate on baseball. But he will need to prove that to himself.

Yep, our concern as well.

Yea, Good point, just look at Steve Young or Austin Collie and how concussions short changed their careers.

Steve Young? Not that short of a career? Hall of Famer.

I’m surprised that Hall didn’t quit football to play baseball. However, his talent/athleticism is top shelf. I think he has the potential to be a huge star. Of course I’m WAAAAAAAAAY high on Conover. I think they are top two.

Next concussion Hall gets and he will be done. Needs to learn to duck his chin when he hits the ground on his back. All us marital artists know how to do that

From what I understand, Hall is a good baseball player, I have done a couple of his games in High School.

Nice kid too boot.

Can you back this up with science? I don’t know what you mean, I have stopped trying to understand so I will make some assumptions about what you said. I think the concussion thing is a conspiracy against Hall but I won’t read it and find out or try to understand what you think, I will just assume that you think something you may really not think. Does that sound about right? :woozy_face: :smile:

Jim, Why don’t you “Grow Up”, Seriously!

Personal attacks? What’s up with that?

But then you have been known to go over the edge on things.

And you haven’t? He’s right on his statements. The science is on his side. Look at the teachers union in Chicago fighting with a far left Democrat mayor about opening up the schools. CDC says open! Fauci says open. But, the union is using this to get money and power at the expense of students mental and physical challenges this has created.

These are not personal attacks Floyd, I am trying to get you to look at the situation from a different angle. I am not trying to get you to change your current opinion about the danger of the covid plague. Yes, it is a problem, yes it is science based on the facts of what it is and what it can do to people.

I am trying to help you see the other things going on… how people are using it to manipulate situations, get gain (money), control people, etc. This is the reason it isn’t going away and why it is much worse than it needs to be.

That is all I am trying to do.

This happens because people have this idea only one group has all the answers.

There has already been at least 4 variants found. How many more will be found in the coming weeks and months and years. 2 or 5 or 10 or 20 or ???

Same with all viruses and bacteria. The vaccine works for the variances.

Not what I have heard from several docs about predicting down the road with variants. Who knows what variants could come our way and whether the vaccines would work or not with them.

So far, the scientists say the vaccine works for the variances. The changes don’t create new viruses. They cause the method of delivery to change only. There is no evolution. The resilience thing is based on the survival of the fittest with bacteria and killing the bacteria. Vaccines are different. The Polio and Measels vaccines haven’t changed in decades.
The Covid19 vaccine isn’t a cure. It’s not an antibiotic. Remind your doctors about this. And stop scaring people needlessly.

Who the F are you? Oh yeah, the universe’s expert on every single thing that has ever existed in the universe since time began.

If you are predicting that there may become variants that the current vaccines will not suppress, then you indeed are the fool. :clown_face:

Oh, and I am wrong for furthering your crappola on this particular thread. So tantrum all you want and I will no longer engage with you here.

You are an embarrassment. Not only your attitude but inability to converse with an ounce of scientific knowledge concerning viruses. What did Elder McConkie say about use of four letter words and their education level? Aside from their level of testimony. So, settle down.