And the fall from grace continues

always wanted to say that…

Looks like Coach Lamb is following the players and leaving for Northern Colorado to be their new HC.

Sources: BYU’s Ed Lamb expected to become next head coach at Northern Colorado - Deseret News

From grace? Take it easy. More coaches on their way out when new coordinators come in.

Good for Lamb! And good luck to him.

I have started following Big Sky football more than BYU (three of my kids are or have attended NAU). It’s more fun to watch, and BYU has been losing my interest. We were at Weber St.'s last-second winning field goal against NAU, and we have seen Idaho, SUU, and others play at the Sky Dome. Northern Colorado has an okay program, historically.

Idaho, Montana, Montana St., and Idaho all qualified for the FCS tournament.

I say good riddance. I have it on very good authority that Lamb was the man behind the curtain controlling BYU’s defensive schemes for the last 7 years, with Tuiaki taking marching orders from the Asst. Head Coach. This is great news for BYU, because this defense needs to be completely blown up from top down, with somebody qualified to build a new one hired and given full authority and space to do it right.

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Forgot Weber State in your list as well.,

That is one reason I posted this; I knew you were not a Lamb fan… LOL

Aha! So you baited me and I took the bait! Where is THawk to warn me about that?..
I don’t know anything about Lamb as a person and he may be the nicest guy in the world. But our defense sucks, everyone knows it, and he did it. So he has to go. It was comical this year listening to the ESPN announcers try to dance around the subject but in the end they just would wind up saying the truth.

Last night MNF: Saints play man and absolutely shut down Brady for 3 3/4 quarters of the game. Brady was on pace for his lowest yards per attempt OF HIS CAREER. He could barely complete a pass beyond the LOS. Then the Saints played prevent the last 4 minutes of the game and Brady marches them right down the field–TWICE–not even needing to convert a 4th down, and wins the game. They just gave Brady every 10-15 yard completion he wanted, heaven forsake risking a long completion, even though they hadn’t allowed one the entire game. It was exactly like watching BYU’s defense just play on their heels the whole game.

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The pipeline is saying Jay Hill is the new DC.

Freudian slip. I repeated Idaho twice. :slight_smile:

So, what do you think of the new hire, Jay Hill?

Big improvement over what we had. Net positive (in spades).

I still think the bigger problem (Sitake) remains. Regardless of who his coordinators and assistants have been, the buck stops with him, and he let too much ineptitude fester under his watch. I don’t trust him to be a good head coach, a good field general. And, I think we are going to have years of recovery from good players staying away from BYU because of how Sitake has run and managed his team.

I’ll have to disagree with you. Sitake has done about as much as he could not being in a conference. Especially the kind of money he has now to pay for good coaches as well. This hire proves it. We will see what happens on the offense side of the coaching as well. I’d say he did a masterful job through Covid19 and all the challenges that caused and still does. Be a little patient. It’s a virtue.

Larimer, I can’t always be here to watch over you! I was relying on teaching correct principles and letting you govern yourself (this is to everyone on this board except - Hopper) but sometimes you relapse. Repent and try again tomorrow!

Glad for Hill to be hired and Tui and Lamb to be gone! ARod probably should be given 1 more year but he needs to be held accountable and Sitake hasn’t done a good job of holding assistants accountable. Sitake should have fired Tui when Detmer was let go. He allowed personal relationships to be more important than the BYU program and it has really hurt us. Hill needs to choose every D coach on the staff, not Sitake! Hill needs to be held accountable for performance.

Now, if you only knew what correct principles are…:rofl:

The million $$ man looks like he is doing just that.

I posted about Polarity and somehow Hopper basically calls me a Racist. Not going to respond but frankly, I was surprised that not one person on this board said a word.

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I said a word, but then again how many people want to waste energy debating Hopper?

I have enough on my plater dealing with narcist in my own family to engage with another one who values arguing.

Sorry, not in a good mood


Simple. Just don’t take the bait


Maybe most people don’t want to go down the racial reason why we lose games. Why even go there? Are some races not situated to be good coaches? That used to be a racial thing with QBs. Only White QBs are smart enough to be a QB. Blacks were only good enough with RB and receiving. Remember those days? The facts were, Tuiaki just wasn’t proficient at being a DC at BYU and leave it at that.

So, calling out racial statements is narcissism?

I am proud of the fact that a racial bait laid out by Hopper was ignored by all …… particularly when it isn’t accurate!!