And there goes baseball

Wasn’t GU. It was Pepperdine. So, how good was BYU to GU again, Jim :slight_smile:

I have no idea how to reply to this. BYU lost to Gonzaga and then they lost to Pepperdine.

They were supposed to be so awesome this season, ranked in the top 30 most of the year, and they don’t make it to the ncaa tournament. Gonzaga and St. Mary’s made it.

BYU is the third best men’s sports school in the wcc… they lose to Gonzaga and St. Mary’s in basketball too.

Gonzaga - 7,500 student enrollment
St. Mary’s - 3,000 student enrollment
BYU - 30,000 student enrollment


Now that the baseball team fizzled out, let the basketball hype begin…

I watched some of the Utah women’s softball game as they were playing Florida State. They played really good, but I could see they weren’t going to win the game because the strike zone for the Florida State pitcher was bigger than the one for the Utah pitcher and that gave FSU a big advantage. Certainly big enough to make a difference in the game.

I saw the same thing happen to Brown in a semi final men’s lacrosse game against Maryland. The officials were so one sided in their calls against Brown it was ridiculous. That is what always happens as it is moving it’s way into the college game now. The big name, big money schools get the calls.

It is really a shame… just a reflection of society in general.

Of course, we are taking your observation as gospel;-)

I think you need to understand what is going on with the baseball team.

I think the team did better than expected, when Vance Law left, the team was not very good, Littlewood has put a fire under these boys…

Baseball in college is totally different than any other sport. In baseball, the MLB drafts high school kids, they also pluck the good players during the college years, it kind of like the one and done in basketball.

Watching the team this year is a remarkable improvement over the last 5 or so years… hopefully Littlewood can continue to get the team to improve.

I agree though that Scott’s post was a bit confusing…

As for the umpiring… different strikezones is one thing that upsets me more than anything… That is why I think they should ALL be under the umbrella of the NCAA and not conferences.

You seem to have agreed with me that baseball is different. So what’s confusing?
As far as strike zones, umpires are generally blind and miss lots of calls :slight_smile:

Perfect, they should hire me. I can’t see good and I won’t be able to hear anything from anyone one :wink:

Perfect! I’m sure Floyd can get you hired.

Matter of fact, I live in Sandy. Is that where Floyd live or in Draper? I don’t think I want to be hired which I worried a baseball might strike me unexpected way. :smile:
Maybe I should show up at the game and give the Ump the some new pair of glasses or something.

Yes… Scott’s posts are almost always confusing. Even when he appears to be making sense, we probably aren’t understanding the message he is trying to convey.

Anyhow, my comment about the baseball team was only in relation to how they ended up in the wcc. They supposedly were in a three way tie for first but bombed out in the tournament and the other two first place tie teams made it to the ncaa tournament. That is why I said that BYU is the third best program and team in the west coast conference. Considering their history, student enrollment and other things… in my opinion this is embarrassing. This was the case in basketball too.

What it says is that Gonzaga and St. Mary’s have better men’s athletic teams than BYU does right now. Honestly, I can’t believe I am saying it, but it is true.

You have come to the realization (finally) that Gonzaga wins because they have better all around teams and not because of some conspiracy.
BYU baseball started the season on fire! But, they fizzled because their team from top to bottom was not as good as the other two teams. Much like in basketball. Hopefully in basketball we are now better top to bottom.
As far as understanding what I write, now that you know I’ve been right all along, you need to take classes in analogies, allegories and reasoning :slight_smile:

More embarrassing when we beat both Utah (2-1) & UVU (2-1). But they did win out their own conference tournament. And we didn’t! All I can say, enjoy your summer break as much as we can, before we can start talking new season (fall camp). As far as this week Big 12 discussion (supposedly talking about expansion) all we can do just leave it to them - I had enough headaches about them as well the rest of P5.

This comment has no basis in truth anymore than my belief that Gonzaga sometimes wins because they are played the favorite, protected role in the conference. Why? because BYU beat Gonzaga 2 out of 3 in a series this year and could have easily beat them in the tournament. But… whaddya know, Gonzaga somehow wins the game that matters. BYU’s pitcher that hadn’t lost a game all year? lost that one… was the strike zone a problem? yeah, more than likely. Also, BYU lost 2 out of 3 at St. Mary’s so what does that mean? and they lost 3 out of 4 on the season to Pepperdine, who finished behind BYU in the conference.

The only conclusion that can be drawn is the same one that was reached after the basketball season.

When it matters, Gonzaga gets the help it needs to win a league championship and maintain their role as the darling of the west coast conference.

Wake up and smell the roses… the only other school that is allowed to challenge Gonzaga, on occasion, is St. Mary’s. It’s been going on for years now… BYU has been in the wcc for 5 years now and they haven’t done a thing. The BYU hype is unfounded, nothing is going to change.

The only conclusions can be either they have more players that are better or they don’t collapse in big games. Our players for some reason don’t perform well in the big games. We have discussed this before. Therefore, your conclusion is correct that it’s not some conspiracy:)

Why are those the only conclusions? Because you said so? BYU beat them 2 out of 3 at Provo… what conclusion is drawn?

But they don’t win the big games!
I’m simply bringing up other possibilities than your tunnel vision that it’s all rigged.

It’s not rigged…

It’s just that one particular school. and their teams. receives special treatment.

That’s all.

I would call that rigged…

You call it “rigged” because your understanding of what takes place is fairly limited. It is the same reason certain players get calls in the nba or certain college teams get calls in important games.

It’s called “show me the money” and when certain teams and players tend to attract the money, then those teams and players are showcased. Gonzaga is constantly rewarded because over the past 20 years they have brought a truck load of money to the wcc. Lebron James, Kobe Bryant, etc. are rewarded because people PAY to see them and the more viewers and money that come in, the more incentive there is to treat those players and teams well.

Before you go off trying to say that BYU has a large following and would bring in lots of money, you need to remember that BYU fans are notoriously cheap, they don’t drink (liquor is a huge sports sponsor) and they don’t gamble. There are lots of other reasons that I don’t need to go into detail about…

So, it’s rigged…