Andrus tonight should

Andrus should start. He’s the only big that plays like a big. I’d like to see him get fed the ball more and play some inside out. Break up the weave some. Bring Neilsen off first and Kaufusi second. Worthington comes in with Sharp. (Why did Rose bring in Luke for Andrus at the end if the first half? That was strange and didn’t help at all.

We live by the 3 and die by the 3. And our free throw percentage going down. That has to change

Not sure he should start, but I was impressed with his movement and nose for the ball and definitely needs more PT. I could see him in the game with Kaufusi or Neilson. Has a nice shooting touch and should be a factor in the coming years. Not sure what his mission plans are. Probably another Austin type player with better shooting skills.

He’s light years ahead of Austin. Nose for the ball and blocks out well. Times his rebounding jumping well. And he canake a layup. I’d like to see him in as a 4 with Kaufusi.

He was reasonably good in one game, OK in another and then nothing special every other time he has been on the floor. One night against a poor team is not enough for me to say he is awesome. However, I liked what I saw and I hope we only see more and better from Andrus. I am just not giddy about him yet.

Good rebounders can anticipate where the ball will come off the rebound and block out and be there. Russel and Chaimberlain were the best ever at it.

Andrus is the only big I’ve seen this year at BYU that does this. Not one of the others have a clue where the ball is and where it will come off the rim. Just saying.

I don’t think he played one minute today. BYU wins by 20.

Is that the reason? Of course not. Dave Rose’ haphazard substitution patterns, starting rotations and decisions work sometimes and don’t other times.

This team makes no sense… still just average.

Yep. Worked today with Sharp in there. So, he will start the next game? That teams big men aren’t that good. So it’s hard to tell if that lineup will work. And is Rose giving up on Winder? Fisher looked like he was still dazed.

KC was awesome!