Announcer Dave McCann

12 games into the season and he’s still calling Childs Bryant. I guess they all look alike? It’s really getting old. Maybe time to take away some of his playing time…Am I being too intolerant?

When you live in the bubble, things like that just can’t be fixed. So yes, you need to be more tolerant.

There is no diversity in Provo… or Utah Valley for that matter.

White privilege is alive and well.

LOL!!! It’s just getting really irritating. Every game so far he’s done it several times. Twice tonight…he caught himself in the last one and apologized sort of.

You do realize that Dave McCann lives in Salt Lake County, not Utah County?

How to paint with a broad brush Jim…

But he works in Utah Valley for BYU :slight_smile:
Anyways, he needs to do a better job or give it over to Spencer Linton.

He works for KSL as an Nightly NewCaster Scott… that is his day job… He does BYU on the side…

My point is that Jim painted Utah County in a very negative light… Which I think is inappropriate.

nice one Jim…we just had our very first drive by shooting here in vanilla Utah county. Guess I’ll have to move

Agreed…But he’s a California guy :slight_smile:

I saw that… it happened while I was there but I was in Bountiful at the time so that doesn’t make me a suspect. You see, when you are from California you become an instant suspect in any crime committed in Utah. That is a given.

My nephew married a girl that played softball at Weber St. where he is playing football. He skipped the mission and went straight to the temple marriage. She is a great girl, he got lucky! :grin:

As far as diversity goes, I wasn’t alluding to crime or drive by shootings as being diverse. I meant varieties of opinions, lifestyles and acceptance for differing ideas, etc. It is what I was talking about with the “vibe” comment. Utah has a weird vibe right now… I’m just not feeling it, that people are headed in the right direction, etc. I hope it changes but it just doesn’t feel great there. There are LOTS of good people and I speak in generalizations and what I perceive and yes Ron, I am making judgements. It has a negative, uptight, anxiety, pressure feel to it…

Just an impression, this is my spirit telling me…

I’ve heard from others people are leaving the Church in droves. Especially young people. But, I wonder if the percentage is any different than say 40 years ago or longer. 140 years ago.
There are more people in Utah and so of course number wise more people are apostatizing. And, that would make things feel worse.

Yes, it is a popular thing for people to say and do apparently. Anyone who leaves the church is not thinking straight or clearly. And yes Ron I am making a judgement. I just hope they get their head on straight and think about what else is out there for them and if they think it is a better option than the true gospel of Jesus Christ. I personally haven’t found anything so I’m not sure what others are thinking.

The wheat and tares… it’s threshing and separating time.