Another BYU setback

Men’s Volleyball lost to UCLA in the semi-finals. All mental problems…

The two teams are well matched and it was the fourth time the two teams matched up this year, with each team winning two matches.

BYU won on their own floor, UCLA won on theirs.

Just too bad the Final Four was at UCLA.
It would have been really interesting to see them play in a neutral location for a rubber match.

BYU has two of the best servers on the planet and we got NO aces. None! That’s mental. The thing we talk about often. Does BYU have a sports psychologist on staff for all their teams? We need one.

Just another case of BYU underperforming on the big stage.

Then it’s time to seek answers such as hiring a sports psychologist

BYU Athletic Department has several on staff.

If used to drive me up the wall when KC would rave about how wonderful he found his.
If anyone had a head case not being able to give his team the will to win it was KC…and the advice from his sports psychologist was one of the main reasons…imo of course…
More than once after a major loss KC would refer to the advice from his that got him through the hardship. What I want is one that will help him avoid the hardship not deal with it.

but since the sports psych came onto the scene BYU major sports have not done as well…yes I know coincides with several other developments but…the KC example just drove me up the wall.