Another DC Loses a Game due to Prevent D

It truly mystifies me how guys who have made literally millions of dollars coaching football can still lose game after game after game with the prevent D. They stuff an opponent’s passing for nearly an entire game and then pathetically drop into a prevent drop 7 or 8 on the last drive and the other team passes its way down the field to score.

Last night I loved watching the Ducks win by one. I also was laughing out loud on the last drive. All night UNC pressured Nix and dared the Ducks to win by running the ball. When the last drive started, Nix was 19/24 for a pathetic 149 yards. Was under so much pressure he just kept dumping the ball off. He had 2 passes over 10 yards the ENTIRE GAME. He did nothing. Ahhhh, but then on the last drive, ahead by 6, UNC decided to drop into a prevent D and UO drove right down the field passing the ball and scored the winning TD. I’m still SMH and laughing at the thought…

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saw the same game. Also watched Kansas take Arkansas to 3 OTs by coming back from 20 down, again, a prevent D almost cost Ark. the game.

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When will coaches learn…

Prevent has it place, but I use to get upset with Lavell when Schmidt would do the prevent defense to preserve the game.

As my old high school coach use to say, " Keep doing what got you here". Meaning if you are aggressive that got you to the point of winning the game, then keep doing it until they stop you.