Another Legends passes away too early

Gordon Hudson passed away recently:
Former BYU tight end, CFB Hall of Famer Gordon Hudson dies at 59 |

Loved watching him play, one of the greatest tight ends ever!

I knew Hudson was fighting health problems…sad day

One day during lunch, I was in a pickup game of BBall with Hudson. He went up for a dunk and just didn’t quit get high enough. I remember the ball just getting compressed on that rim with his two gorilla hands squeezing it and his full weight hanging on that rim. This all happened in less then a second but it stuck in my mind all these years…finally something had to give and the ball popped through the hoop. Gordy had to grab the rim or he would of landed on his head.

I remember us playing Ohio State in 1982. As I sat down to watch the game, my wife (who grew up in Canton, Ohio) asked, “who’s playing BYU”. I yelled, “Ohio State”. She says, “They play REAL football there”. hahahha
1982 Holiday Bowl: Ohio State 47, BYU 17 - Deseret News

I remember Hudson scored in that game so I looked it up and Tom Holmoe played in that game as well, wow, good times.