Another lost in-state recruit

Porter Gustin. a 5 star athlete/ linebacker playing in Salem Utah. every major program in the country is offering this kid. Notre Dame, Ohio State, Stanford, Alabama, etc. Porter grew up in small town Idaho and his dream was to play football at byu. he even reportedly moved to Salem just so he could be closer to byu and be noticed by byu recruiters. well guess what? Bronco didn’t even offer. claiming: ‘we are out of scholarships for linebackers’ …what a ridiculous statement. my question is; what is going on at byu, and Bronco in particular? he’s constantly losing all the good in state kids and he doesn’t even seem to care. this is becoming a huge concern. this year byu lost Empey, a future nfl guard from American fork who Bronco initially snubbed. they also lose Covey and a bunch of others to Utah. these are all kids who wanted byu their whole lives!

and now we lose Gustin too? this kid is the real deal and should have been welcomed with open arms. Urban Meyer flew in to personally meet this kid and Bronco doesn’t even offer. one word. unacceptable. and before you chipe back stating that Gustin 'must not have been honor code or academically eligible, nope. the kid is going on a mission and his GPA is outstanding.

for whatever reason byu is losing all the best lds talent, this almost never happened under Lavell, and Bronco’s obsession for dissing the high profile athlete is wearing thin. something desperarely has to change. the sad truth, Utah is stealing all the real talent while byu and its fans are stuck with ‘bronco’s boys’.

no wonder why byu is losing to teams like Memphis, Utah State, and Nevada.

In defense of Bronco, no other team in the country deals with missions and the continual turnstile programs that BYU coaches have to. With this in mind, Gustin isn’t necessarily out of BYU if he’s going on a mission. Perhaps in a couple of years, a scholarship will open up and Gustin will come and play at BYU. Or, maybe, if he really wants to play for BYU that bad, he’ll walk on and gain a scholarship. Did you have a scholarship to attend BYU? I didn’t. I came because this is where I wanted to be. If I were an athlete trying to make a team, not having a scholarship would not stop me from walking on and trying out if I was good enough. Halford did it…

Not all 5 star athletes make it. In fact, coaches look for potential more than just being a so-called 5 star. Jake Heaps comes to mind as a 5 start all world QB that had no potential for the higher play in college than in high school. What is important is that Bronco work harder to get deeper in skilled positions. We seem to be deep in other positions but not skilled ones. We always have a bunch of linebackers at BYU that are good.

The wait till the leave on a mission to recruit them is not only the dumbest idea but officially against ncaa rules thanks to Bronco already pulling this crap. You recruit people in hs and especially those in your back yard who want to attend. Some of have been saying this for years, but finally othera are seeing the shortcomings of the current regime.