Another one bites the injury bug

Looks like Pau’u is not going to play for awhile:

BYU football: Neil Pau’u’s injury is serious. This is just how serious - Deseret News

Good thing we have the Naccua brothers, maybe Romney, and Hill to mention a few that can cover for missing Pau’u

Must be at least a hairline fracture. Hopefully, Romney will be healthy by then. Hill and Jackson are good as well.

Hate it when a good player gets injured unexpected. Hopefully Neal Pau’u for a speedy recovery.

It’s a pity he got injured in a non-competitive game against a team that had almost no chance of winning.

hairline fracture tibia or fibula is what I read. most likely a no show for the USC game.

My son was a WR and a broken fibula turned into a career ender in college. Small bone but a big problem when your job is speed, agility, and explosion. Just hoping Pau’u is able to make a speedy and more importantly full recovery.

On another topic: BYU bb just signed the #22 prospect in the nation. TJ Haws look alike except stronger and better hops. It also appears that they have the inside lane on a very good point guard out of BYU (South) Academy!

I could of sworn this is the football forum. Must be raining up your way :wink:

Looking at the BYU Basketball Talent Pipeline - Vanquish The Foe

You talkin Richie Saunders? Dude is signed!
Dallin Hall and Jake Wahlin are no joke.

No, Draven Gibb-Lawhorn. 6’ pt guard. Wasatch Academy. Very quick. - Four-star Dra Gibbs-Lawhorn talks Purdue, BYU, UCLA

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I don’t know if BYU lands him or not. But Pope and staff have BYU in the conversation on every good BYU proto-type kid and what is really going to be a breakthrough for BYU is that Pope has a lot of non LDS kids excited about BYU. If he gets one 5 star break-through it will open the flood gates. An Elite 8 finish will be open season on great bb players who are also really good kids.

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