Another punch, here we go again

The hatred between the two schools is too great and I think all competition should cease now. The bad press, the bad will, the embarassment for the player school and church is not worth this continued competition with Utah. We don’t need it. These situation almost always occure because some ref lets a player get away with constant holding and pestery slapping and little cheap shots that are not even noticed during the process of the game. Finally something happens like a slap to the face, inadvertent or not and there is retaliation. A punching incident results. The terrible ill tempered BYU player strikes the innocent opposing player and it makes national sports stories. The little brat opposing player is rewarded for his efforts to set this situation up all game by his underhanded play. Unless you go look at the films you will never come out with a proper evaluation of the incident. But what is more important, the full truth or embarrassing BYU. There is no reason to continue any relationship with Utah other than accademic. Every decission they make is closely calculated so they always get the advantage, always. I did not watch the game because I was else where and don’t get the PAC 12 Network, just like that stupid CBSSN with Utah State. I have played enough to know what goes on in tough fought games. So some one who understands the game and watched the game, please tell if I am wrong. Just plain don’t need any games with the Utah types of this world. Just one more point, Tyler got raped and murdered for three years every time he stepped on the court. The refs will never ever call a fair game with BYU on the court. If they do, It is rare, but sometimes it becomes really clear with the bias. So my question is DID TAYLOR CONSTANTLY HOLD AND GRAB AND SILLY FOUL HIM ALL GAME AS I SUSPECT?

Can’t blame this on the refs. Especially the final score. Emery had wide open shots even in the second half. And, he missed 80% of them. He was frustrated by his own missed shots that could have made this a very close game at the end. Even with a possible victory.
Emery was purposely backhanded in an attempt to get punched. Only, the coach and Taylor were hoping to the face. He was set up to get back at BYU for what happened a couple of years ago.