Anticipating disasters

I am not a financial expert but I have done a decent job of managing things on sometimes very limited income over the course of my life. As a bishop I am in a position where I have to make decisions regarding welfare issues, etc. as well.

This is only from personal experience over the past several months as the pandemic is playing out. You all know some of my thoughts and feelings about what is going on but I have another question and would like feedback from some of you who may have more experience or ideas about it.

I know of many people, and this seems to be the norm, who have lost jobs during the pandemic who are receiving unemployment as well as pandemic related added assistance who are making more income being unemployed than they were when they were working. In fact this seems to be the rule rather than a strange exception or anomaly.

How does someone get more income NOT working than they did while they were working? I understand the stimulus payment thing but that is past now and these people are still getting more money given to them than when they were working. As a result many people are saying they don’t have any incentive to go back to work.

Does anyone else perceive this as a potential disaster going forward? Not just for these people but for the general economy of the states (California is whack) and nation that is doing this?

I agree that it is a problem. But it is short term as the extra $600/wk ends on July 31st. I don’t know anyone personally in the situation you describe, but I imagine it is prevalent for employees in the restaurant/entertainment industry.

My wife is temporarily laid off and is being paid $1,200/mo more in unemployment. She is enjoying her time doing lots of cooking and home schooling our grandkids who live with us.

I agree that many aren’t going back to work if they are making a lot more not working. The extra $600 should end July 31st. The problem with many is they will find their jobs gone if they don’t come off unemployment.

Keep in mine that 40% of those who earn under $40,000/yr are unemployed. Liberals are willing to go back to work. Leftists are not and leftists are leading many states with a heavy authoritarian way. They are having to loosen up some but if we have to close down again they will be more heavy handed as they will have experience being little dictators.

The whole situation is being set up for a “shut down” again. I could be wrong but I would bet on an increase or spike in cases in the future that will result in another stay at home order. The plan will go something like “you didn’t do it right the first time so we are going to get more strict the second time”.

Please explain why people need and are getting an extra $1200 a month… that will continue for another 2 months? How is that okay and what about those of us who are working low paying jobs but didn’t lose them… and will not have any income for the next two months? (yes I work in school district).

I don’t really care much because I can ride it through but the logic and reasoning/rationale for the decisions that are being made doesn’t make sense to me.

Who said it made sense? Maybe they looked at an average so some will receive more.

I agree that some will try to close down again. But, it won’t be so easy. We will see that most won’t. The police will have to decide if it’s worth putting people in jail.