Antifa activists take over hotel near Seattle as owner begs authorities for help

This is unbelievable that a city would allow this kind of criminal behavior. What happened to the west coast?

The comment by the city manager was appalling.

“They may have to close up shop because with no revenues coming in, with their margins where they are, they may have to close operations. So, I’m trying to buy some time. It starts with conversations with both sides.”

Kim added, “This is a societal issue. We have to start the dialogue, but this kind of confrontation, this kind of being splashy about how to get this moving forward is going to lead to more distrust on both sides.”

It doesn’t start with a conversation on both sides. It starts with law enforcement removing the criminals and arresting them and then charging them with vandalism when and appropriate.

I guess the blue states on the west coast have completely caved to the lunatic fringe and many state and city officials are a part of the lunatic fringe. There shouldn’t be any dialogue. Those illegally occupying the hotel are 100% in the wrong and should be dealt. Too many progressives seems to see things in shades of gray in situations where there is a black and white issue.

Pathetic behavior with the Antifa and the city officials. There doesn’t need to be any dialogue. If I were the owner I would file an immediate lawsuit for $100 million dollars.

Joe, Kamala, Nancy, and Chuck will make sure our tax dollars pay for any destruction caused by the peaceful rioters, as well as any other societal ills that the Democrats say can be solved by throwing away money.

There duty is to create anarchy so they can tear down our nation and rebuild it into their Marxist utopia