Any BYU Football in 2020?

Of course, the Pac 12 and Big 10 have canceled all Fall sports. The ACC, Big 12, and SEC currently on for football.

What is the prognosis for BYU? There was a rumor a couple of weeks ago of us playing Alabama Sept 5th. Any chance of that? How about our other opponents currently scheduled?

I know some of you are pretty dialed in with contacts at BYU and I’m curious what the latest probable outcome is.

Thanks, Craig

We start out with Navy I thing Sept. 7th a Monday night game. This week we will see more games announced. No Alabama.

Rumor I hear is we have scheduled 10 games for the season. 6 more to be announced soon.

Is like to see 12 scheduled because perhaps eat least 4 may have to be cancelled.

Just curious how they are going to go back to the normal Fall Sports, once the pandemic is over?

BTW Craig, hope you are safe up there in the NorthWest with all that crap going on. My daughter lives on the Portland / Beaverton border, now the mobs are going into the neighborhoods…

Kind of scary times.

Thanks Floyd. We are totally fine. We live in the suburbs. The big problems happen at night in the 11 pm - 4 am window. A local source of mine said that Antifa Portland rioters are getting paid $25/hr each to continue doing what they doing with all the chaos. It makes sense that they would be getting paid…but I wonder who’s bankrolling them? If this is true, that is.

George Soros (the devil incarnate) is probably bankrolling them.

Actually, that’s pretry well known. When Harris was chosen as Biden’s VP, the Democrats got $48 million in donations in 2 days. I’m sure mostly from Soros through is shell corporations like BLM and Antifa. Along with his co-conspirators CNN and MSNBC.

What’s sick is any of the good Democrats if any are left are under the assumption they can save the party from the communists. Romney feels the same way. All are just pawns being used by Soros, Obama, Biden, Harris, Clinton’s, Ayers and others.

I think we see where BYU sits after Drubbing Navy on Prime Time TV. Every NFL, College athlete was tuned into that game, Every single fan. ESPN made a killing in the ratings (at least until the end of the 1st quarter)

That game was pretty damning against a fake pandemic, political correctness. BLM and every tool Dems are using to change America into a Socialist state. The only thing we can do, it seems is to vote in November.

BYU has the team this year to play anyone anywhere and they made it known to the nation against Navy. We just want o compete. Holmoe has burned up the phones trying to get any P5 to play us…but they won’t

Hello Cougar Nation! Greetings from the Thundering Herd. I come in peace! Just wondering & inviting any comments - We had a conference game scheduled @ Rice, which of course they have now postponed! I show BYU open on 10/03. What interest would there be from a fan standpoint of a home & home vs Marshall? We are having a hard time finding a worth opponent, and you-all are at the top of the dog pile right now imo. Thanks

I would be happy with the game. I’d like to play 12 games. I’d like Cincinnati, Liberty and Notre Dame too.