Any midnight madness reports?

I know it’s primarilly a fanfest, but there is usually a little practice/demo thrown in.

Did they have a midnight madness last night? Well yes, I guess they did.

At the end, Pope told all the fans to come down on to the court “safely”. Just curious, is there a mask mandate of any kind in Utah right now? Here in liberal CA we have to wear them in stores and other public places. I have to wear one the entire time I am at my job except when we are outdoors.

The whole Covid thing gets more confusing and random as time moves forward…

There has never been a mask mandate in Utah except in maybe SLC…just a social policing mandate. Those who feel susceptible wear them, those who don’t just go about their lives.

What about in church? The restrictions in our sunday meetings are rigid. I dunno… it’s frustrating.

My 6 year old grandson Chase begged to sign up to play basketball this year but my son and daughter-in-law wouldn’t let him because they didn’t want to deal with the masking mandates in Oregon. The kids–they are 6 and are more likely to die in a car crash on the way to the gym than from COVID–are required to wear a mask at all times during practice and during games. But here’s the punch line: they can pull the mask down below their chin if they are in the game, but have to pull it back up over their nose while on the bench. So they all run around the gym with masks on…Should I laugh, or should I cry? You tell me…

Now that the Covid numbers are downward trending, I hope and pray that we are rounding the corner to normalcy. But I fear that Politicians will continue to wring out any benefits far into the future… Who was it that said, “Never let a good crisis go to waster?”
Never waste a good crisis. Long before Rahm Emanuel used this… | by KloudLearn | Medium