Any rumors about there?

Any of those who are always saying they are in the know, know who the new coach will be?

According to rumor Mark Pope will be the next HC for basketball… Nothing official of course, because BYU plays it pretty close to the vest.

I hope Dik Harmon is right about this. If not he is going to look pretty silly. I had to misspell Dik’s first name because whoever set up this site edits potentially naughty words. They must have served in the BYU honor code office at one time.

I guess it’s official now. The headline in the D’News changed from BYU expected to name Pope to BYU names Pope. The press conference is supposed to be at 3PM today and it will be officially official.

So, now we know. This means most players will be back and the new recruits will still come to BYU. Can this mean an NCAA birth next year?

I don’t think we will have the talent to get into the dance next year, I think it will take Pope a couple of years. Not sure who is coming next year, so that may have an influence.

BYU will win over 20 games next year and will go to the dance if

  • BYU plays a schedule similar to last years

  • BYU plays to its potential and doesn’t lose games to teams like Weber St., Illinois St., San Diego, Santa Clara, San Francisco.

  • Hawes. Harding, and Baxter provide a solid core that is supplemented by strong role players

  • The team learns to play defense

We got who most of us wanted as the head coach and there is very little reaction on this site. If it had been somebody else I’ll bet there would be a lot more discussion and the majority of it would have been negative complaining about how bad the program is. It seems discussion boards thrive more on negative energy than positive energy.

I listened to the press conference and I was very impressed with Pope. He seems to have the energy and personality to be a very good recruiter. I wonder if he will reach out to Childs and see if he can get him to stay another year if Childs hasn’t already hired an agent? From what I understand he intends to re-recruit the entire roster. I wonder if he could persuade Hardnett to change his mind about leaving if he hasn’t already left school? With Childs and Hardnett back it would change the outlook for next year a great deal as far as I am concerned.

Well, he was still referring to himself as still with UVU. I hope he can get over that quickly!

I think Pope is slightly ADHD… LOL :open_mouth:

Okay, so now we have to define ADHD… He’s action oriented and relationship personality. He’s learned to be detailed because he has to be to be successful and he recruits structured and technical assistants. No ADHD. Just his personality.

I think Floyd was just joking. Pope is such a different personality than Rose he would appear to be ADHD in contrast to Rose. I think he has the energy and enthusiasm to be very successful. I have no idea how he is at the Xs and Os.but would assume he is at least ok there. He has been coaching at the college level as an assistant, or head coach, for over 10 years so I would assume he knows the game pretty well. I think his strong point will be recruiting and keeping players and bringing out the best in the talent he brings in. If he can bring in good talent, keep it, and motivate the talent to play at its optimum level the Xs and Os will be secondary.

Pope has always been my first choice. Very happy. Great recruiter his kids will run through fire for him.
Child’s already has an agent. He’s gone. To bad. I think one with more year would’ve gotten him A shot of the NBA.
Pope Hore is a very big deal. I hear he is letting everyone go and it’s too bad because I liked Quincy Lewis but I think Pope will get Byu back on track

Maybe Lewis will end up at UVU as head coach. Unless Pope hires him as an assistant. Pope said it will take a couple of weeks to get his assistants cleared through the hiring system.

At least someone still has a sense of humor…

You are correct, he was so hyper in talking about the opportunity to coach at BYU…

Did not mean anything but having some fun.

I did not care if it was Pope or Madsen… Both seemed to be on top of what is needed today in college basketball.

So I will be happy to see what Pope can do… Do you think Chris Burgess is coming?

Nope… Mark Madsen was announced this weekend.

Where is he going?

Not sure… I have heard rumors Pope is cleaning house, but have not seen anything to confirm that.