Anybody watch the game?

I don’t have root so I just listened to the last part of the game. Can anybody that watched the game give the rest of us a summary of what went down?

This team is going nowhere fast.

I mean shouldn’t they have done something with Winder back? USD was 8th out of 10 teams in the league.

What is going on?

I’ve said this before. Some teams “peak” early. BYU appears to have peaked. Now, we make huge mistakes like Fischer’ flagrant foul.

KC took a 3 point shot which he should never do. We were cold from the 3 point line and Winder didn’t take it to the rim much.

Foul discrepancy happened again. I didn’t see the game to know if this was a conspiracy thing. But we should have still won.

The only way into the NCAA’s now is to win the WCC tournament. Today hurt.

Only the last two minutes. Missed the Fischer foul but saw the Collinsworth make and miss. A lot of no call hacking (what’s new?). The miss is typical of the other last shot misses. Ball rolled around the rim and fell out.

Interesting as I listened to the game how much Wrubel vocalized about the poor officiating. Usually he keeps quiet, or at least not as much as this game.

Would you want to see this team in the NCAA tournament?

If we made the run in the tournament of course. Wouldn’t you?

Yeah, obviously BYU was the visiting team. Unfortunately they seem to fill the same role at the MC. I have seen some evenly officiated and objective games but those are usually the exception. I don’t think the officials are even intentionally doing it a lot of the time, it just comes natural to them. They don’t expect anything from BYU’s opponents but they always expect BYU to behave better… so much so that they are usually getting after them when there are on court scuffles or contention between teams and are typically quicker to blow the whistle on a BYU player.

Honestly there is nothing that can be done about it, it has always been that way and it always will be.

An average-good BYU team is relegated to middle of the pack standing. They must be exceptional to finish near the top of the league while overcoming the bias. Likewise I still maintain that they will never surpass Gonzaga, no matter how good they are. Blame that one on Jimmer and his destruction of them in the ncaa tournament. The league will never forget nor forgive the Cougars for that one.

Unfortunately, this team hasn’t made a run this season against caliber teams that will be in the tournament, unless you count the missed shot by Stanford a run. I would rather see them in the NIT where they could get a run going. I would rather watch the possibility of a win or two in the NIT than a one and done (and perhaps an embarrassing one and done) in the NCAA. It was fun for me to watch the team go to the final four in the NIT. Haven’t had that much fun watching the last Big Dance games.

The NIT is like kissing your sister. The only one to shoot for is the NCAA. If we start a run from this point and show we aren’t at our peak, then winning the WCC tournament would put us in the NCAA and we then should be there.

BYU is in a bad way. They are not playing sound ball, the week off did nothing for the team’s woos. This SDU game has to be the poorest coaching job I have ever seen out of a Rose team…It is as if everyone has quit. Where is the team leadership?

If this is how the team feels, just finish the season and hope that there is no invites. Coaching is just not there.

Well Scott, we ain’t kissing the Prom Queen this year!

Just relax guys, no shocker here, at least we are comoetative most nights. It’s a new era of basketball, and we should just embrace who we are in that era.

Watched a sped up replay. From what I saw we played very poorly. As someone said below, Rose’s coaching for this season has been poor with complete underdevelopment of any inside game, the 4 guard “weave”, lack of defensive blocking out/rebounding and general too often lose passing.

Hope we get off of the ref thing. Refs didn’t lose the game - BYU is just playing real bad right now. It’s not the effort, which is fine. Just flat out lousy execution on both ends of the court.

I was the one that talked about refs. I didn’t see the game so my comments on the officiating don’t really apply. They weren’t specific to this game anyway, just general observations over many years of watching BYU play.

I saw weaknesses in this team from the beginning and their inability to win close ones was an omen. It has evolved into something much worse because the team hasn’t improved at all. Maybe Scott is right about his peaking comments. They “peaked” a long time ago, if that is what SG wants to call it. It is pretty frustrating to watch.

This team has been going down since the month of January began. Four guards and no inside presence doesn’t win many games these days, even in the rec-WCC. I didn’t see or hear the game. All I did was watch scoreboard bball while I watched the BYU women’s team beat USD by four points. I kind of figured that the guys lost because I saw, by scoreboard watching, that we were losing out lead and it looked like the recent present scene where we have a lead and run out of gas. I had opes that the guys won, but then I looked at this Board and saw the news. Interesting tune of how the headlines tend to say how well two subs played and that they did so in the process of losing to USD. Sounds like homering news articles, kind of like the WCC officiating.

Maybe BYU ought to quit the WCC and go indy in basketball too.

Nurnst: Can you really imagine this team, as now constituted, making a run in the NIT? I can’t.

What does the word “Comoetative” mean? Is that something to do with the WCC and how the officials teat different teams that are name Gonzaga or St. Mary’s or USF?

Rudi: I can take your word for what you posted about the BYU playing this year. I especially agree with your remarks about Rose’s coaching this year. But I also stand by my comments about the officiating in the WCC. With maybe one or two exceptions the WCC officiating in most of the BYU WCC games that been lackluster at most and terrible at best described. I believe that other teams may have the same issues with the officiating. Perhaps it is that the WCC may only be able to attract the least experienced and least competent officials because the best ones are in the “Power 5” conferences and receive more compensation than the WCC pays. I don’t know for sure, but from what I have seen in the past three years or whatever it is that BYU has played in the recWCC, the rec league officials are the worst that I have ever seen BYU play under.

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Coirrection on the 14 minute response to kcblack, the word is “Treat,” not “teat.”

grasshopper: Correction. It should read " “…lost OUR lead,” and " I had “hopes.” Sorry. I sure am gagged by the way this board is set up.