Anybody watching Gonzaga

because I need to say that I feel like I’m watching a wcc game with wcc refs.

I picked it up about midway through the first half and wow… do the Zags get all the calls or what?

It’s sickening to watch the officials, I can’t figure out for the life of me what is so special about GU, as they whistle call after call against their opponents when there is no obvious reason why. It’s not like Gonzaga is playing that much better or they are even that impressive but the hype and the talk and the expectations put anyone associated with one of their games into some kind of funk.

I would hate to be North Dakota right now because they aren’t getting anything from the refs. 13 fouls to 3 on GU, 3 free throws to 16 for GU but the game isn’t that one sided in how it is being played.

I hate it when officials can’t see the game straight…