Anybody watching the Gonzaga and St. Mary's game?

What a load of nonsense. St. Mary’s shooting the ball out of their minds and they are still down by 7 now.

Who have the cheap, ticky tack calls been made against?

The St. Mary’s players…

The wcc is a joke, Gonzaga is a joke and the officials are a joke.

Fouls were the same number. That’s important because you complained about that as part of your conspiracy.
No, GU is shooting great. Not SMU. 62% is out of their minds. You can’t see that? This also shows what can happen when a team makes their layups and short shots.

The fouls weren’t a factor because Gonzaga didn’t need that advantage to win the game. St. Mary’s big man fouled out though, didn’t he. The only Gonzaga player in foul trouble was one bench guy.

Unfortunately for the “Zags”, there is no incentive for the officials to pander to them in the ncaa tournament. I will be shocked if they make it out of the first round. The pressure will be on and the officials won’t be there to help them.

yeah… at the end of the game they were. When it mattered, when St. Mary’s was playing well, that was when they got all their fouls. Gonzaga was called for the fouls when it didn’t matter. In fact, they had a 7 point lead and the ref called a foul on Mclellan and he about came out of his shorts, actually swinging his arms and complaining and hit the ref. So what happened? nothing. If that had been a BYU player doing the same, he would have gotten a technical.

Likewise, these refs are the same guys that do pac 12, mwc and others… they aren’t “wcc refs”. Many of them do ncaa games too. They are professionals who have lots of experience and they know what to do and when to do it in such a way that can influence heavily the way a game is played and hence, the outcome of that game. It’s just the way it is.

So first you totally blame the officials since SM was shooting so well. Then you say the officials had nothing to do with the loss. Typical inability to keep stories straight with conspiracy theorists. This is why I’m not getting sucked into these things. This is proof they don’t exist :smile:

It is totally impossible to reason with you because you don’t understand a thing anybody writes and even when you do, you twist the meaning to fit your agenda.

I’ve said this many, many times. It’s a waste of energy and effort.

Sorry but you got caught contradicting yourself. And, your response is classic conspiracist. But, I’m used to it :smile:

Not at all. Where was the contradiction? The foul disparity in the BYU-Gonzaga game was a difference maker. That doesn’t mean it is the difference maker in every game. There are lots of other things going on out on the court, including the type of foul called (shooting, off ball, charge/block), when it is called (during a momentum run by one team or the other, late in the game when the outcome has been decided, early in the game resulting in foul trouble for one or more players) or any other myriad factors.

You see, these are the types of things that you typically don’t understand and that is why I get tired of trying to explain it to you. Either you understand it or you don’t and it’s okay that you don’t.

There was no contradiction at all, apparently that is something else you don’t understand. The total number of fouls being about equal in the SMU-GU game were not the issue, it was more a case of when and what type of foul was called. I tried using an example from the BYU-GU game but you conveniently didn’t respond to it. I have always tried to explain my position to you by responding to everything you post, but have grown tired of it because you never understand it, let alone accept it. When I post something that is compelling or might help you understand, you ignore it… another reason why the discussion is pointless.

Jim, this contradiction has nothing to do with the number of fouls or the timing of fouls or even the type of fouls. The contradiction is that in your first example the refs weren’t bias in any way. The second example they were biased. On one hand, there was a conspiracy. On the other hand, there wasn’t. That’s the big picture. :flushed:

Is this what you are referring to? The exchange below? If this is it then yes, you misunderstood. Read this again as I have copied and pasted it exactly the way it was written the first time you replied to it.

Now I will explain it to you. I started with “what a load of nonsense”. The nonsense is that St. Mary’s was hot to start the game but it did nothing for them because they were still down by 7 points. Then I explain why they were down by 7 points, because in spite of their great shooting, ALL of the cheap, ticky tack fouls were being called on them, not on Gonzaga. That is what was allowing Gonzaga to stay ahead, the cheap fouls on the St. Mary’s players. In the beginning of the game the officials set the tone - Gonzaga is free to play how they want but St. Mary’s was going to be called for cheap stuff. That allowed Gonzaga to play loose and relaxed, it caused St. Marys to get tight, commit turnovers and get out of their offensive flow. Like BYU they made a few runs but couldn’t sustain them. Gonzaga was partly responsible for that because they also shot extremely well, but the officiating set the tone and that tone favored Gonzaga. That is why I finished off my comments with “the wcc is a joke, Gonzaga is a joke and the officials are a joke”. In the BYU game Gonzaga needed the foul disparity to preserve the win. In the St. Mary’s game they did not, so the officials made INCONSEQUENTIAL calls against Gonzaga and IMPACTFUL calls against St. Mary’s.

Don’t you understand that this is how it goes every year? The way the important games are called always favors Gonzaga… when it matters. It allows them to play loose and relaxed. That is what happens when a team recognizes the conference and the officials want them to win and make it to the ncaa tourney. It keeps the streak alive, it keeps the wcc relevant and it brings in money.

  1. I bet Sabonis travelled 6 or 8 times vs BYU, with zero called. On offense Sabonis went into the key, got the ball, traveled, kicked the ball out, and stayed in the key. A total of 10 seconds wound off the shot clock with Sabonis in the key. We rewound it just to make sure we had the time right. This was the worst one, but we counted at least 5 times that he was in there 5 seconds or more. No 3 second call.
  2. In the champ game, gross number of fouls didn’t matter–what mattered is that they were all on Pineau and his backup, so Wiltjer and Sabonis were free to roam without competition.
  3. The refs absolutely, positively, 100% know how many fouls have been called on a star player, and when a call on his defender will force the guy to the bench.
  4. GU has made more money for the WCC than all other teams combined in its history.
  5. #4 makes #1 through #3 possibly interesting but largely irrelevant.

I find this humorous how you and Jim stroke and comfort one another. Yet no mention of 10 missed layups. Just make the easy shits and we aren’t having this conspiracy nonsense :angry:

The only humorous thing is the irony of your comment about making easy -----. The fact that you think it is only about making some layups proves you have a very rudimentary understanding of what is going on out there. Turnovers, mistakes, missed shots… it all contributes to the end result. The reason the officiating is such an issue is because it is something that shouldn’t ever be an issue but it often is. You don’t think it made a difference in BYU’s win vs. Gonzaga that Sabonis was in foul truoble? and a huge difference in the tournament loss when he wasn’t? The guy is in foul trouble all the time, except when it mattered most… in the wcc tourney games. Lastly, nobody is “stroking and comforting” anybody else. I don’t care if anybody believes me. The fact that lots of astute, knowledgeable fans do is just icing on the cake. Also, you don’t read very well because I have mentioned missed shots… but Gonzaga misses shots too ! Nobody hits 100%.

The fouls aren’t my issue. When a player hacks like Sabonis did in throat game he will sit. As I see this with you is that you take it to a level of bias of officials and beyond to a nebulous conspiracy. As where I simply say if your going to play the game then don’t miss layups, get the rebounds and loose balls and make your FT. In BYUs case, they will win most of the games they lost.

If that had been a BYU player it would have been all over Sports Illustrated and in the press every where as a “dirty” BYU player swinging at an innocent ref.