Anyone had a chance to see american sniper?

Just looking for a review from anyone on board or if this is a wait till Netflix type show.

I haven’t seen it, but it has very good reviews on Rotten Tomatoes. Both from critics and movie goers.

Everyone I have talked to said this is one of the best movie ever made;…

It is realistic and Clint Eastwood does amazing directing the move. Bradley Cooper is superb.

I went to America Sniper last week. Walked out after 15 minutes and got money refunded.

Just curious Rick… Why did you feel the need to walk out?

You knew before hand it was about War, that it was rated R… So why did you leave?

No judgment here, just curious.

Heard more bad words in 10 minutes …was more than enough!!

Bad words? Are you 12?

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Just trying to be like our Savior, but I have a long way to go.

So is that a yes?

Ok… I can understand that… Sometimes I think movies puts too much emphasis on the bad language myself.

KC, you comment is from someone who would be 12… not Rick leaving a movie because of bad language.

Do you follow the Prophet? Because leaving a movie because of bad language is one thing they have asked us to do (in conference talks).

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Have you ever in the last 15 years of the Internet purchased a ticket to a movie with an R rating and walked out because of bad language? I just found it very humorous and something a adolescent child may do, not an adult.

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Actually I have… KC… I will NEVER EVER watch an Eddie Murphy movie again.

Nothing adolescent about it, it called having standards… if you don’t stand up for it like Rick did, then by your in action, you are condoning it.

Which by the way is contrary to the teaching of the gospel.

So with an R rating and the Internet to find out why, people still are suprised to hear “bad words” in movies? Come on bro, that’s pathetic.

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Wow, just because a movie has a R rating is no indication about how much ‘bad’ language their is in it.

True, I think I’ll go see 50 Shades tonight. I’m not a fan of sex and nudity with movies, if only I had a way to see if this might offend me??? Better buy a ticket and find out, I mean I can always walk out and get my money back if it’s too bad, right? If only there was a way I could see reviews or find out why the movie recieved it’s rating before I went… If only

Your choice.

Maybe you should take your own medicine and do what you always accuse Church leaders that you think aren’t being Christ like. Be more Christ like KC.

Been away for three weeks or so (SLC & Vegas) Our daughter in Herriman has twin girls due in three-four weeks. The shows we saw in Vegas were: Mystere(Cirque), Terry Fator, and Donny & Marie. Fator is absolutely brilliant but his humor has it’s share of innuendo. Donny and Marie were a blast( I am getting up there in age) they are great examples/ambassadors as Latter-Day Saints. Voted most popular show in Vegas for last three years. The “sniper” part that drove us out the door was the when he came home to find is woman with another guy. Too many f-bombs.

This may shock some people, but I don’t mind a f-bomb if it helps “build” the movie, have grown up non LDS, the f word was spoken quite a bit …

What I hate in movies is the use of that word, just because it is available to be said 1000 times during the movie… those are the ones I walk out on… (i.e. Eddie Murphy movies).

But Rick I can see why you were upset, I am not going to judge you for standing up for what you felt was appropriate action.

I kind of admire that, too bad more LDS people don’t…

I find it hilarious that you first attack him for not staying around where the language was just too bad to do so. When you realized that Floyd and others caught you on this, you quickly tried to spin out of it and make it Rickster’s fault for not using the internet to find out more about the movie before going. Admit it young one. You got caught :slight_smile: