Anyone see Shangzhi Li play?

Anyone see Li play at that tournament? If so, share your thoughts. He looks like a wide body instead of the stickmen we usually recruit.

I didn’t go see the game but here is the link:

This part is a concern: " He almost needs to be more selfish. Sometimes he gets the ball in the post and passes it back out. We tell him, ‘Li, you can go in.’ He’s a true center, but he can step out and hit shots.”

Almost just like Luke Worthington. Dave Rose need to hire a coach to work with him and other big guys to make it work. Sound like a good kid. Li did say he wanted to play for CBA? I’m sure he’ll have no problem going back to China to play CBA but why not aim for NBA?

I read from Greg Kite few months ago that he was upset that he didn’t shoot much when he played back in 1981. He wanted to shoot more but Frank Arnold wanted him to play mostly defense and let other guys handle the shooting, mostly Danny Ainge and other guys.

Kite couldn’t shoot. I remember him and even with the Celtics he couldn’t shoot. Funny. Arnold did the right thing. Have Ainge, Roberts and Durant shoot because they could :slight_smile:
Worthington can’t shoot either. This Li kid can. Should be interesting.

I didn’t think he could shoot the way I saw him on the court at MC. I don’t understand why he said that. When he played, he did fine in college and Kareem A. (Flakers) really didn’t like to face Kite AT ALL!!!

Kite hardly played. Parrish was the starter and a great player. In college, remember the game against Virginia where Arnold told Kite to take it to Sampson and try to dunk on him to get him in foul trouble. Sampson stuffed Kite several times and never fouled. Instead, Virginia got a 10 point lead and never lost the lead. Had they of just played their game and let Ainge and others shoot. We could have had a chance to get to the final 4.