Anyone watching BYU baseball team?

I have been watching some of BYU baseball games on BYUTV.

Coach Littlewood has some really good talent…

They just beat St. Mary’s 7-6 the other day, St. Mary’s was the only undefeated team in WCC…

If you want something good to watch during the down time before football, I would recommend watching the baseball team, they are fun to watch…

I missed that game but did watch BYU beat Utah on Pac12 Network. Fun time in the 9th inning, YES!

Floyd: The Bat Cats are great to watch. Coach Littlewood has got the guys hustling. Friday 6-2 victory was great as the 7-6 Thursday win. .

How about those Cougar BatCats. Congratulations to the WCC Champions and the NCAA Regional participants. Never say die! Coach Littlewood and his guys are the greatest story for BYU sports this year.

We came so close losing to LMU the 2nd time in wcc tourney on that last frame when they score to make it 4-5 on a wild pitch and a runner at 3rd base. Thank goodness for strike out to end it (or was it?).
I was surprise to find out this morning that Utah didn’t get in when they beat ASU. I like to see their u players get in but what do I care for some u fans “SNIKKERS”.
Great season for this BYU baseball and the rest the other sports - well except men’s basketball.

I tried to listen to the BYU baseball games on the BYU radio app. It is very relaxing and you can listen while you work in the yard or whatever. I was so disappointed when the team got swept by Gonzaga when they only had to win one game to capture the WCC crown. I had zero confidence that BYU would do well in the WCC tourney. After the first loss, it seemed an impossible task to claw back through the loser’s bracket. I was too nervous to even listen to the games against Gonzaga. When I found out we swept Gonzaga, I was kicking myself for not tuning in. Littlewood has done great things with the program. I hope BYU can win at least one game in California. Who knows? Maybe they’ll get hot a pull the upset again. Stay tuned.

I too thought of that too not wanting to watch. But, in the 1st game I check till some 7th inning and wow we were doing good. Knowing we had to face them again later that night but chose to work in my yard not knowing till it got dark. Well, to my surprise we were hot all around. Great finish.
Stay tune tomorrow at 2pm mountain time on espn3.

OK, it’s Time for BYU baseball and softball. Any discussion about there sports for 2018? I have complete confidence in Coach Mike Littlewood, one of our best if not the best coach in any sport at BYU.

Things don’t look very well for the baseball team this season. We needs bats and better over all pitching…