Anyone watching this?

We look like its the first game of the season.

I was at the turkey shoot this morning and didn’t get home till about 1:00. I barely caught the first touchdown that made it 10-3. BYU is blowing out FSU and now all they are talking about is Blackmon getting a touchdown, it’s like watching a high school blowout game and honestly it is embarrassing.

BYU has no class, 51-3 now. Anae calling trick plays and scoring on passes from the tight end on a pitch out… why? how about using a play like that when it might help the team win a close game? sometimes I wonder why I cheer for this team. So quick to forget that they rarely win a game they are not supposed to win and celebrating like a bunch of high schoolers when they blow out an undermanned, easy opponent… wow, this team is so awesome…

So how do you guarantee that a receiver who hasn’t scored a td, during his time at BYU, will not score? Talk about it ad nauseum… in the press, during the game, and make sure the fans go wild when he comes into the game, etc… ohhh… life in the bubble.

It was a great pass play! Awesome! And, I remember as a student how great it was to blow teams out with 50 or 60 points. I have no problem with that. Mangum only played 3 Qtrs. great defense. Kaufusi is really playing well.

you have no class either… :smile:

Whether it’s football or basketball, how many points do you want to beat Utah bye :slight_smile:

Yeah… a “great” pass play. They made such a big deal about the fact that BYU won’t call a special play for Devon Blackmon so he can score a td and at least have one for his career at BYU, but supposedly Anae promised Peck that he would call that option pass play for him so he could throw a td pass.

Isn’t that just a little hypocritical?

I mean they had press stuff about how Blackmon would do some special dance, probably get a 15 yard penalty, etc. if he were to catch a td pass. They hyped it up (like nobody ever hypes anything at BYU) and made a big to do about it because it was his last game as a senior at home and he had 0 td’'s in his time at BYU… so what happens? They call a special play for Peck and do nothing for Blackmon. Mangum got spoiled this year just throwing passes up for grabs to the tall receivers (when is the last time Juergens caught a pass) and he forgot some of the catches that Blackmon was making this season. Devon even had a td taken away from him on a bogus PI call after he made one of the best catches of the season on a difficult thrown ball.

I don’t know, I guess the hypocrisy of BYU has never improved. It is a problem that just doesn’t seem to go away.

I saw on the internet that the Cougars won and I am happy for that. Did not go to LES or listen to or watch the game for the first time in probably decades. And it feels good. I’m now an “at arms length” fan. I hope that the program reaches the upper echelons of college football but whatever happens will be ok, to me.

And there are several of you who post here that I will miss reading your posts as I am done here too. Wish the best for all of you. Just wanted to say goodbye and I guess put my thoughts in black and white. Good luck to all.

Coaches are being racists :wink:

Ah Roy come on back-it’s nice to have those that aren’t taking a shower in the blue mist like you and Jim, Tom, Craig, Rudi, Ron etc. I was thinking when BYU was down 3-0, it was time for a change in the coaching structure at BYU and now that they blew out a not very good team it’s probably all good, but seriously, did anyone notice the empty seats at this game? Is there a little lack of buying into the program or was it just FSU? I expect it would be good for Bronco and Robbie if BYU were to beat USU next weekend:) I have always been a Bronco supporter, but I am starting to wonder if a change is due. Come on Grasshopper-tell me how whacko I’ve gotten :scream:

It’s always hard to follow a legend like LaVell. I like the athletes we are getting. There must be a reason for that.

I would prefer if you stuck around. I like reading your takes and opinions on all things BYU sports.

I never like it when anybody leaves so I hope you stick around.