AP has BYU Ranked at #12

That is a great jump but Kentucky got even a bigger jump to #9. BYU beat a higher ranked team than Kentucky. Seems at most Kentucky should be #11 or BYU #10. Politics? Notre Dame way down to 40? That hires BYU if we are undefeated going into the game with Notre Dame.

Kentucky beat FLA by 10 at Florida and controlled the game. We won in 2OTs at home. Our win was more exciting but theirs was probably more impressive to the voters.

Naw…Baylor is much better than Florida. It’s early and we have a tough game in Oregon…Notre Dame is quickly becoming a bust game. Serves them right for being the way they have been about playing in Provo.

Early polls mean nothing but feel good…Its like peeing your pants, feels good for a while but then reality sets in.
ND is sitting down at 40 because they they lost their starting QB and their backup promptly went in and threw 2 interceptions.

How do I feel about being ranked 12? Our most important game of the year is in Oregon

Peeing your pants? Not there yet :rofl:
The next game is always the most important. But, we have done well in the injury department.

I think the biggest reason for Kentucky move is more due to the conference they belong too (SEC) than what they did on the field.

And the Fact that Kentucky belongs to the SEC doesn’t hurt either.

Ah, that’s why. Good point! Politics. Alabama sucks so they have to get someone else up there