Are these pac 12 officials

#5 didn’t force him out. That sucks.
Aside from that, we should have run a regular play back at the 8 yardline. That was a horrible cal

I have no clue who are those refs. Too many review plays especially on that last OT INT. Glad the game is over and we WON! Sorry I can’t tell (bad eyes) when I was watching the game but what the heck, who cares and we are 2-1.

Maybe our resident professional official Floyd Edwards can explain how one official can overrule the spot of the ball. Even if he can’t see where the spot should be. He was further away and didn’t have the angle.

if you actually want to know why the call was made, I will tell you. but I am not going to argue about it.

the reason they said he was forced out was because there was contact made by #5 when the USC guy stepped out of bounds.

in situation like that, they will always make that call.

which mark of the ball are you talking about?

there were several that I can think of that might be questioned.

Even when the defender is looking back for the ball and going for the ball?

And, another question. If the defender supposedly pushes the receiver out of bounds, shouldn’t that have been interference?